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I would like to suggest improvement to the function convertValues which is used in the virtualized datasources in multiple controls (dropdownlist, combobox, multiselect etc).

I've realised (after very long time) that the ValueMapper ajax is called in the initial loading, i.e. when there is no default value set in the control. In my opinion that request is extra unnecessary load and shouldn't happen if there is no value to be checked (mapped).

For example check this screenshot of the link

In my code I started to surround with the following if:

if (options.value != "") {
        //value mapper code
    else {

which stopped the initial value mapper ajax request.

This also helped to have only single value mapper request when there is default value set - otherwise it was generating 2 value mapper requests, one with empty value and another one with the set value.

I reckon this will help many users to improve their code.




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Passing a dynamic object to a template column builder throws an exception:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

Using an explicit cast doesn't throw the error:

c.Template(m => { })
.ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' value='#= Id #' />")

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Bug report
The issue is reproducible when the DatePicker with DateInput is used as an editor in Kendo Grid for ASP.NET MVC with "InCell" edit mode.

When a value which is less than the Min value or more than the Max value is typed in, the DatePicker is left blank rather than applying the Min/Max value.

Reproduction of the problem
1. Create a grid and set the "InCell" edit mode.
2. Create a DatePickerFor() editor and enable the DateInput(true) property.
3. Input value which is before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099. E.g 1/1/1111
4. Value is left blank instead of the Min value being applied. (Same goes for Max value)

Current behavior
When value before 1/1/1900 or after 12/31/2099 is typed in, the cell is left blank instead of the Min/Max value being applied.

Expected/desired behavior
Apply Min/Max value to the model, instead of null.

Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220

jQuery version 1.12.4

Browser: [all]