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Created by: Jasmine
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I have developed an application where I am displaying records in kendo Gantt chart, Initially I want to display only title and give user the option to select start & end date.  This means that I need to pass null value for start & end date, but I could not find the option. Could you please help me with it.

Also I want to add validations for start date & end date i.e. if user does not enter start & end date an alert should be displayed specifying user to add dates.

Please let m know whether its possible or not & if possible how should I go ahead with it.


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Created by: James
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We are using the Gantt view to display the timeline of an operation which typically spans over 15-30 minutes.

As such we want to view the Gantt timeline by minutes, but we can only seem to get as far as hours.

How can we set the Gantt view to by minutes?