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in the file kendo\2019.1.220\kendo.tooltip.min.js, the title is hardcode. 

{# <div class="k-tooltip-button"><a href="\\#" class="k-icon k-i-close" title="Close"></a></div> #}
So everytime we use a tooltips that need the x to be closed, we can see a tooltip showing.

We found three way to remove it,
the first one, on the show event of a tooltips, we target the element and removed the title attribute, but that mean that we have to do this for all the tooltips we already use.
The second one, bind an event on click on the document and target the tooltips to remove it. Meaning that we have to listen to all the click on the page.
The third one would be to edit the js file, and not forget to do it every time we update Kendo.
All the above would work, but It means that we have to take an extra step every time. Could It be removed from the original code or at least work with the culture that we use(kendo.culture.fr-CA.min in our case) ?

It cause problems because the web app that we are developing is in french.