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When using data attributes on a viewmodel for a grid popup editor:
1. Provide input that causes a validation error message to appear
2. Correct the error with new input, do not blur the final field
3. Click save.
4. Instead of validating the data and submitting, only validation occurs
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Created by: Manu
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since I updated Telerik UI for MVC from version 2019.1.220 to 2019.2.514, the paging part of the grid doesn't display as expected in IE11 with compatibility with IE9  (<meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="IE=9">)

If I remove the compatibility with IE9, it's ok, but I need it to support older computer.  

version 2019.1.220: 

version 2019.2.514:


 Is there a solution to display it correctly?

Thank you very much and best regards.


Emmanuel Tharin

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When the page first loads, everything looks okay...


But if I show a hidden column...


Here's what happens...

The newly shown column is circled in blue. The problem, as you can see, is that the position of the column circled in red should actually be swapped with the column to the left of it. And column #2 (ordering from left to right in the picture, starting from #1) now has an incorrect parent header ("Average") - it should be "Total". And column #4 (the one circled in red), "Constrained", should have a parent header of "Average" (that gray one in column #2).


And just FYI, if I show another column (which should also be under "Session Time [minutes]")...


...then here's what we get...

(Newly shown column circled in blue.)


But, you can see that the data columns are placed correctly. Just not the headers.

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Created by: Prashanth
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The issue is present only when a field in the model has been updated. When an invalid value is attempted to be saved, the validation is triggered. Upon pressing the Esc key, the dirty indicator should not be shown.

The expected behavior would be to not show the dirty indicator at all as the value has been returned to the initial one. Furthermore, the indicator is not positioned in the left top corner but immediately above the value.

Steps to replicate:

1. Change the value of any field.

2. Navigate to a field which has validation.

3. Set an invalid value in order to trigger the validation, respectively show a validation message.

4. Press Esc to undo the change.

5. The dirty indicator is shown and mispositioned.

Dojo sample:

Short video demonstration:

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I'm trying to create a kendo grid inside of a kendo splitter in ASP.Net MVC. My problem is the pager info (i.e. "1 of 20 items") is not displayed on load. If the splitter is moved or a button inside of the splitter is pressed the grid resizes and the pager is displayed correctly. When there are more than 10 pages and the pager numbers and pager info size change to accommodate more digits the pager wrapper is not drawn correctly every time when changing pages.  This issue seems to only be present when the grid has a toolbar

I have tried using the dataBound event to resize the grid elements, but the pager div is not computed yet. I also tried applying a flex box to the pager wrapper and that did not change anything. I added a size to the splitter and it fixed the issue when set to 400px. But when set to something like 33% the issue persists. I need the splitter pane to be bigger than 400px on load so that fix does not work. 

I replicated the issue in this dojo: The issue appears when in fullscreen mode on a 1920x1080 monitor. I have attached screen shots from my application showing the issue while navigating with the pager. paging 1.png shows the initial load fixed using a flex-box. paging 2.png shows navigating to the second page. The pager info is resized and moved off screen. paging 1.2 shows navigating back to page 1. There is a white space left at the bottom. Paging 3 shows the end of the pages. Paging 4 shows clicking the "..." to the previous paging page and the pager info being hidden. Paging inspected shows that the pager info is in the DOM, but resized off the screen when the toolbar is drawn. 

The expected result should show the pager info on load and the grid should fill 100% of the splitter pane. The pager info should be adjusted when navigating to another page in the pager to always be displayed. 

Any help with this issue will be much appreciated. Thanks!