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On the new Breadcrumb, I would like to see an .IgnoreLastXSegments(n) property in the .NET Core Fluent API that is used when .BindingToLocation(true)

Imagine the following URL:


In the current Breadcrumb with BindToLocation(true) this becomes

Home > Person > Edit > 1234    (1234 is not clickable)


If I add the Property    .IgnoreLastXSegments(1)  then the breadcrumb would render

Home > Person > Edit     (Edit is not clickable)


The second example (IgnoreLastXSegments) is what you would really want when binding to the current location url.

The breadcrumb should do this out of the box.  By making it an integer (defaulted to 0), then I have control on a page depending upon the number of segments that are passed as parameters.

Thank you for the consideration.


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When Batch update mode is set to true, Popup editing mode should write back the data to grid and not call the update actions directly upon confirming the popup editing window.

I have a page containing a grid, in the toolbar there are following buttons:

* Add

* Edit

* Delete 

When the user clicks Edit, the selected row is edited using the pop-up window. Alternatively the user can also double click the row to start editing. 

On the bottom of the page there is a Save and Cancel Changes button. The save changes must update all applied changes, the cancel button must undo them.

At current when Popup editing is used and the user confirms the popup window, changes are immediately written to the database. This breaks functionality of the Cancel button. Cancel will now only apply to deletes.

I need popup functionality because I have too many columns to use in-cell editing.

Telerik is ignoring the setting batch(true) when doing popup editing, so this could even be considered a bug instead of a feature request!



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That is a missing feature which is contained in Jquery gantt.
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Object doesn't support property or method 'syncReady' I am getting this error and not able to resolve that issue. I am using visual studio core and imported Telerik.ui.for.aspnet.core.trial. I also imported the js of Kendo.Ui.Core . but not able to resolve the issue. Please help



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Kendo UI has the property that can not be set in the UI for ASP.NET Core with the value TRUE

The reason I am asking is because if I change it on document ready using the grid.setOptions if the grid has autobind then the Read method is executed twice.