Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 08:38 by ADMIN

On the new Breadcrumb, I would like to see an .IgnoreLastXSegments(n) property in the .NET Core Fluent API that is used when .BindingToLocation(true)

Imagine the following URL:


In the current Breadcrumb with BindToLocation(true) this becomes

Home > Person > Edit > 1234    (1234 is not clickable)


If I add the Property    .IgnoreLastXSegments(1)  then the breadcrumb would render

Home > Person > Edit     (Edit is not clickable)


The second example (IgnoreLastXSegments) is what you would really want when binding to the current location url.

The breadcrumb should do this out of the box.  By making it an integer (defaulted to 0), then I have control on a page depending upon the number of segments that are passed as parameters.

Thank you for the consideration.