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The Menu TagHelper does not render correct links for its items when the asp-page attribute is used.

With area it does not render a link at all:
<menu-item text="Home" asp-area="Products" asp-controller="Home" asp-action="About"></menu-item>

Without area it renders an incorrect link
<menu-item text="Login" asp-area="Products" asp-page="/Books"></menu-item>

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Hence, binding to Model and ViewBad will be feasible.
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I don't See Telerik ASP.NET Core in My Tool Box.
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Hi Kendo Team,

I am working on Kendo UI ASP.NET Core Grid binding with SignalR. But while starting Hub and providing the Promise, I am facing an error "The "promise" option must be a Promise."

I am following this URL for reference: .

Checked on your website as well, but the issue is also coming there. Here is the URL:

In this link, when clicking on "Open In Dojo" button, it opens a new window, then clicks on the Run button. It will generate an error in the console "Uncaught Error: The "promise" option must be a Promise.". 

Please check the attached snapshot.

Please reply asap. Thanks in advance!

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I'm currently evaluating the ASP .Net Core Components and whilst I'm liking it so far, I have to say - the documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

At the moment, I am trying to use grid and looking at documentation, I have no idea if I am meant to be looking in Kendo.Mvc.UI.Fluent or Kendo.Mvc.UI - and when I am there and find an item, there just isn't enough detail. In addition, the demos section appears to actually be more helpful and I'm constantly looking there.

What caused me to write this is that I have simply enabled GridFilterMode.Row on an instance and whilst I like it, I want to change the default from "Is Equal To" to "Contains"... I have been experimenting for the past few hours without any luck and I'm going round in circles on documentation:

I can see that Filterable requires GridFilterMode, but the documentation is lacking -

I then try to find the filterable modes documentation, but, half the features/methods just don't seem to have any affect whatsoever.

Personally, I'm having great luck learning about your components from the demo section and adapting the code to suite my needs - but, if there isn't a demo, it appears to be a very hard task to learn what is and isn't possible.

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When certain options of the editable Window are set through configuration, they are not being serialized correctly:

Events (Open, Close, etc.)

   .Editable(e => e.Window(w => 
        .Events(we => we.Open('onOpen'))))

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For computations in a custom aggregate function it would be very helpful to have the start and end DateTimes for the current category at hand.  Right now the category parameter just provides a single DateTime which is the start DateTime of the category.  The end DateTime can only be calculated with a workaround provided by Tsvetina

(see this ticket:


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@model IndexModel
    ViewData["Title"] = "Home page";
<form class="form-horizontal" method="post">
    <h4>Standard textbox:</h4>
    @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Candidate.CandidateId)
    <h4>Kendo textbox:</h4>
    @Html.Kendo().TextBoxFor(model => model.Candidate.FirstName)
    <div class="form-group">
            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-default">Submit</button>

Back end:
public class IndexModel : PageModel
    public CandidateViewModel Candidate { get; set; }
    public void OnGet()
    public void OnPost()
        ViewData["firstname"] = $"{Candidate.FirstName}";
        ViewData["candidateid"] = $"{Candidate.CandidateId}";

public class CandidateViewModel
    [Display(Name = "Candidate ID")]
    public int CandidateId { get; set; }
    [Display(Name = "First Name")]
    public string FirstName { get; set; }

Inspect the TextBox and Kendo TextBox helpers in the browser. The latter does not render data-val and data-val-required attributes.