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Last Updated: 22 May 2020 15:56 by ADMIN
Created by: Bruno
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using DateTimePicker new features  .ComponentType("modern") in french localization, the new feature are show in english and not in french.


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Created by: Ram
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I'd like to request the functionality to be able to type through to each section of the Kendo UI DatePicker instead of pressing the left and right arrows automatically.
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Created by: Karim
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It would be very useful if the TimePicker component would have a feature called something like "AutoFocusTime()". By default, when there is no value inside the TimePicker, the default focused time is "12:00 am", therefore the user has to scroll up all the way to the required time. With the feature above, it would be possible to enter a time which should be focused by default. For example "8:00 am" which is when most businesses start operating.

Now the question is, why not just putting in a default value. Well, in a form with lots of inputs, the user may not know anymore which values he entered and which inputs have a default value set and therefore submitting wrong data. If a input doesn't have a default value this mistake can be caught by setting a [Required] attribute. Threfore, the user has to enter a value and it will be guaranteed that all values where entered by him and it wasn't a default value which has been set.

See ticket id 1412837.