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There is an issue when you copy /paste a bullet list from a Microsoft word document.

  • The numbers are not correct (See attached screenshot)
  • If you started a new line you don't get a new number for that hierarchical level. Instead, you just get a new line.

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When I try to create a Telerik UI project for .NET Core 3.0 using menu and grid options the project gets created and runs correctly, however when I try to add a new view or controller there appears to be an issue with the scaffolding (even when creating a partial view) and the creation fails.

Note: I was able to get the project to sort of work only when I added a bunch of libraries it was complaining about (see attached), however the views do not update when I make changes except only when rebuilding which does not seem correct.



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We're using a drop down list as a grid cell's edit template, but.. our users are unable to properly edit the rows at the bottom of the grid due to drop down list going off the page, and closing when they attempt to scroll.


any ideas?