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For computations in a custom aggregate function it would be very helpful to have the start and end DateTimes for the current category at hand.  Right now the category parameter just provides a single DateTime which is the start DateTime of the category.  The end DateTime can only be calculated with a workaround provided by Tsvetina

(see this ticket: https://www.telerik.com/account/support-tickets/view-ticket/1386149)


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Created by: David
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As mentioned in this feature request for area-range chart series: "having area 'scatter' support, such as 'scatterArea', and 'scatterAreaRange', like the existing 'scatterLine', is also desirable".

Please see this forum post for details.

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Created by: Dmitry
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Using Donut Chart with provided option for zooming and panning doesn't change appearance. 


        .ChartArea(chartArea => chartArea

        .Title(title => title
            .Text("Dicom Tags")
        .Legend(legend => legend
        .SeriesDefaults(series =>
        ).Zoomable(z => z.Mousewheel(true))

Is any way to get it working?