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Created by: Jonathan
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I have a large data array (>300 items) that are in the format (double, DateTime). It would be great to allow the entire array to be shown on the chart in both a mobile and desktop experience that would allow the user to pan, zoom, and scroll to see the data.
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Created by: John
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Category: Chart
Type: Feature Request

We have the need to create a chart to display Risk Information. Below is the image of a risk matrix as defined on pages 96 in AFPAM63-128 -- there are more examples on page 101


Another example of a risk matrix can be seen on page 18 here ->


I've copied the images here for convenience.



Would it be possible to add this to the Kendo Chart backlog?


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For computations in a custom aggregate function it would be very helpful to have the start and end DateTimes for the current category at hand.  Right now the category parameter just provides a single DateTime which is the start DateTime of the category.  The end DateTime can only be calculated with a workaround provided by Tsvetina

(see this ticket: