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Category: TreeView
Type: Bug Report
Keyboard navigation for the RadTreeView control should neglect  invisible nodes when deciding which node to select based on user navigation.

To know what I mean, please try the following:
- Navigate to the example at

- In the console of the developer tools of your browser, type the following:

This will hide the "Calendar" tree node.

- Using your mouse, click on the "Mailbox - John Smith" root node.

- Press the ↓ key once. Notice how the selection disappears, while it should have gone to the "Contacts" node.

- Type the following in the console:

The console prints "false" which means that the currently selected node is invisible, which is a wrong behaviour.

- Press ↓ once again, and the "Contacts" node will be selected.

This problem annoys me because I have a situation where I hide tree nodes based on what the user types in a filter text box. After the user filters the tree and tries to navigate using the keyboard, the procedure becomes weird.