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When you have 3 documents with picture, and texts in all - the texts are shows as expected. but when one of them does not have text and title, the loop of the gallery stop showing it for the other pictures.

<telerik:RadImageGallery ID="RadImageGallery1" runat="server">
    <ThumbnailsAreaSettings ThumbnailWidth="140px" Width="140px" Position="Left" ScrollOrientation="Vertical" />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="Images/Yoga.jpg" Title="Title 1" />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="Images/Swimming.jpg" Title="Title 2" />

            <%-- Title container disappears here and will not show up with the rest of the items --%>
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="Images/Surfing.jpg" /> 

        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="Images/Snowboarding.jpg" Title="Title 4" />
        <telerik:ImageGalleryItem ImageUrl="Images/Skiing.jpg" Title="Title 5" />
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Slideshow rendering messed up in Chrome. After any slide comes in a segment the right side is corrupted as shown in the attached image.

The bug is reproduced if you set the animation to loop and fire the play button. After that leave the slider to work non-stop for 10-15 minutes and you'll see the corrupted rendering.

Here is some test code:
  <telerik:RadImageGallery  ID="RadImageGallery1" Width="100%" LoopItems="true" 
                                    ImagesFolderPath="slides" runat="server" DisplayAreaMode="Image" Height="450px">
                                        <AnimationSettings   SlideshowSlideDuration="6000">
                                            <NextImagesAnimation Type="Random" Easing="Random"  Speed="3000" />
                                            <PrevImagesAnimation Type="Random" Easing="Random" Speed="3000" />
                                    <ThumbnailsAreaSettings Position="Left" Width="0" Mode="ImageSlider" ScrollOrientation="Vertical" />
                                    <ImageAreaSettings ShowDescriptionBox="false" NavigationMode="Zone" Height="100%" />
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