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No tooltip should be shown if there is no data for the tooltip:
- RadToolTipManager: AutoTooltipify=true; IgnoreAltAttribute=true; no title attribute set for the elements on the page: no tooltips should be generated, but empty ones are
- RadToolTip: IgnoreAltAttribute=true; no Text or content are set; no title attribute set on the target: no tooltip should be shown, but an empty one is

Leave your comments below on the behavior you would expect from this property.

Possible workarounds are attached to the thread.
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Created by: Marin Bratanov
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The request needs to be encoded for the WCF service context to be able to recognize the data as a class the developer can create.
A small sample is attached that:
- overrides a function from RadToolTipManager to encode the request
- has a simple WCF service implemented that shows how to access the passed data and use it