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Created by: Danail Vasilev
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You can configure the confirm dialog through a ConfirmText property that defines the confirmation text. The boolean result can be exposed in the arguments of the click event. If there is a RadWindowManager on the same page a radconfirm should be used otherwise - the browser one.

For the time being the functionality can be achieved manually as illustrated in this demo -
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When RadButton is set as default button the client side cancel event is not working when pressing Enter key.
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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2015 07:23 by Andre Light
RadButton with button type checkbox or radio has incorenct margin in Silk and Glow.

Due to the negative value of the margin, the checkbox/radio button icons are partially hidden.

The following CSS fixes the issue (for Silk skin):
    .rbCheckBox.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckbox.rbIcon, .rbCheckBox.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckboxChecked.rbIcon, .rbCheckBox.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckboxFilled.rbIcon, .rbToggleButton.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckbox.rbIcon, .rbToggleButton.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckboxChecked.rbIcon, .rbToggleButton.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleCheckboxFilled.rbIcon, .rbRadioButton.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleRadio.rbIcon, .rbRadioButton.RadButton_Silk .rbToggleRadioChecked.rbIcon {
    margin: 0 !important ;

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Release R3 2020

Issue previously reported by others and marked resolved as of R2 2020 in June 2020

However, I am running Chrome 84 with the latest build - 2020.2.617.40.

The issue remains.

Radbutton with type=linkbutton, fails to postback

This button used to open the navigateURL as well as execute codebehind


<telerik:RadButton runat="server" ID="btnPrint" ButtonType="LinkButton" Text="Print Deposit Slip" NavigateUrl="/printform.aspx" Target="_blank" UseSubmitBehavior="false" SingleClick="true" SingleClickText="working..." />

Protected Sub btnPrint_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnPrint.Click


End Sub




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For the time being you can use the following CSS workaround:
		.RadButton span.rbText {
			display: inline;
		<telerik:RadButton ID="rbACH" runat="server" ToggleType="Radio" ButtonType="StandardButton" GroupName="test" AutoPostBack="false" Text="eCheck" Width="200px" RenderMode="Lightweight">
				<telerik:RadButtonToggleState Text="eCheck" PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleRadioChecked" />
				<telerik:RadButtonToggleState Text="eCheck" PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleRadio" />
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Created by: Andy Green
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Add custom Attribute to the RadRadioButtonList control.

By the way its not available as a control in the drop down.