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Created by: Ed
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It would be nice if RadGauges, the radial ones especially, could include a title element
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Created by: Adam Finster
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Category: Gauge
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I would like to consider the ability to customise the labels for the GaugeRange items that may not be part of a numerical index. For example, you may have a 3 range gauge that is low (green) / medium (orange) / high (red). Currently there is no way of customising these values.

I believe this would be similar to what is currently done in the Slider control (
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Created by: Danail Vasilev
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Category: Gauge
Type: Feature Request
Currently RadGauge has an option to turn on/off the animation when the chart is rendered through its transition property. If that property is set to true the requested feature will allow setting the speed/duration of the animation. 
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A workaround is to disable the embedded jQuery and use an older version (for example, 1.11.1 which is the previous version the suite used):
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There should be RadGrid.ExportSettings.WorksheetName property to name a Sheet inside the Excel file, instead of having it named after the RadGrid.ExportSettings.FileName property as well as to avoid additional coding to Work around this.
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As a workaround the width of the range placeholder can be set through the gaugeObject:
		function pageLoad() {
			var gauge = $find("<%=RadRadialGauge1.ClientID%>");
			gauge._gaugeObject.options.scale.rangeSize = 30;
		<telerik:RadRadialGauge runat="server" ID="RadRadialGauge1" Height="350px" Width="350px">
			<Pointer Value="220" Color="Black">
				<Cap Color="Gray" Size="0.1" />
			<Scale Min="120" Max="300" MajorUnit="30" MinorUnit="5">
				<Labels Format="{0} °C" Position="Outside" />
					<telerik:GaugeRange Color="Orange" From="150" To="190" />
					<telerik:GaugeRange Color="Green" From="190" To="230" />
					<telerik:GaugeRange Color="Red" From="230" To="300" />
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Using an ampersand character in RadBarcode's Text leads to a server-side error. Replacing the symbol with its corresponding HTML entity allows the control to render its text successfully, but the generated image corresponds to the passed entity character.

If RadBarcode1.Text="&amp;" the control generates this (read as "&amp;"):

while it should be this (read as "&"):


When we generate the image by keeping ShowText = True, then it throws the exception.

When we generate the image by keeping ShowText = false, then it successfully generates the image.

Steps to reproduce:Run the following setup:

        <telerik:RadBarcode ID="RadBarcode1" runat="server" RenderChecksum="false"></telerik:RadBarcode>
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        RadBarcode1.OutputType = Telerik.Web.UI.BarcodeOutputType.SVG_VML;
        RadBarcode1.Type = Telerik.Web.UI.BarcodeType.Code128;
        RadBarcode1.Text = "string&string"; //leads to server-side error
        //RadBarcode1.Text = "string&amp;string"; //leads to wrongly generated barcode

        RadBarcode1.LineWidth = 0;
        RadBarcode1.ShowText = true;
        RadBarcode1.ShowChecksum = false;

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Reproduction steps: 

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1">
        <span style="color: #548dd4;">asdas</span>this is sample text

When the mode is changed to HTML, the content is as follows: 


<span style="color: #548dd4;">asdas</span>this is sample text


<span style="color: rgb(84, 141, 212);">asdas</span>this is sample text


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The scenario is the same web-page should render perfectly on all kind of devices(mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, projector, and high-resolution TV etc.)

The Bar width is set using Size property for Minor tick. The Pointer Width is set using Size property of Pointer.

Now that the sizes for bar and pointers are fixed, we cannot change it with changing screen resolution.

SVG has the property for scaling itself based on the design size and actual size on the client (ViewPort Size).

If something like design width and design height property is added, it will be really helpful to scale the same control and use it on all kind of devices with resolutions ranging from 320 x 180 to 4K UHD displays.


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The feature will be similar to Plot Bands (see demo), however, the width of lines will not be dependent on the y-axis scale.
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Created by: Danail Vasilev
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Category: HtmlChart
Type: Feature Request
As of R1 2017 you can use the stackTotal property of the labels:

old information

For the time being this can be achieved by creating an additional bar/column series with the following settings:

-series items are set with insignificantly small values (e.g. 0.001)

-the name property of the series is not specified, so that it is not visible in the legend

-the color of the series matches the color of the plot area, so that the series items and the legend of the series are not visible

-clienttemplates for the labels of this series is used in order to sum up the grand total and display it

An example on the described scenario can be found in the KB article
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Created by: Imported User
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Telerik already provide PDF Viewer for Silverlight, this control is very common used and safe our time to display PDF without using client's browser plugin. 

It will be great this control to be available in ASP.NET, we will not spending IT budget for another controls.

Telerik we know you can do it, this will make you more competitive.
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At this point this is considered a limitation of the client-side PDF export:
The issue stems from a regression bug in the underlying Kendo Drawing API:
Last Updated: 12 Feb 2019 18:19 by Rodney Foley
ExcelML currently does not support multiple column headers (aka ColumnGroups). This was first requested in the forms back in 2012 and no feature request was created for ExcelML. It is important that ExcelML support ColumnGroups as Excel does support this functionality.
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Created by: Chris
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Currently the set_value() method of the RadNumericTextBox throws an exception if null is passed to it as value while having the AllowOutOfRangeAutoCorrect property is set to true. This does not happen if the AllowOutOfRangeAutoCorrect is left as default (false).

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When attempting to view the page in design view, here's what it looks like:


Here is the markup:

    <telerik:RadPanelBar ID="RadPanelBar1" runat="server">
            <telerik:RadPanelItem runat="server" Expanded="True" PreventCollapse="true">
                    <div ID="content-header">
                        Auditing Report | GPO Changes For User
                    <div ID="content-body">
                        <telerik:ReportViewer ID="ReportViewer1" runat="server" ReportBookID="" Width="100%" Height="12in">

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Steps to reproduce the error.

Create a ClientDeleteColumn with CommandName="Delete" and wire up the onCommand client-event to RadGrid.

<telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server">
            <telerik:GridClientDeleteColumn CommandName="Delete" ButtonType="LinkButton"></telerik:GridClientDeleteColumn>
        <ClientEvents OnCommand="OnCommand" />

The event handler does not need to do anything.

function OnCommand(sender, args) {
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Created by: Panayotis
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
GridAttachmentColumn malforms the String filepath, from "C\SomePath\SomeFile.PDF" to something like "C:" & vbBack &"SomePathSomeFile.PDF"

Steps to reproduce the error:

DataSource Bound to grid:

Private Function SomeTable() As DataTable
    Dim dt As New DataTable()
    dt.Columns.Add(New DataColumn("FieldName", Type.GetType("System.String")))
    row("FieldName") = "C:\SomeDirectory\RadGridExport.pdf"
    Return dt
End Function

GridAttachmentColumn markup as well as the ObjectDataSource that returns a byte array when user clicks on download attachment:

<telerik:GridAttachmentColumn DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource1"
    HeaderText="Attachment Column"
    ItemStyle-Width="36px" >
<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" SelectMethod="MySelectMethod" TypeName="MyApp">
        <asp:Parameter Name="FieldName" Type="String" />

MyApp.MySelectMethod that is supposed access the file by "filePath" and read it to byte, but the filePath is malformed, hence throws an exception.

Public Class MyApp
    <DataObjectMethodAttribute(DataObjectMethodType.Select, True)>
    Public Function MySelectMethod(filePath As String) As DataTable
        Dim dt As New DataTable("Base")
        Dim col As New DataColumn("FieldName")
        col.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Byte[]")
        Dim row As DataRow = dt.NewRow
        row(0) = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllBytes(filePath)
        Return dt
    End Function
End Class