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Issue 1 - Items in ListBox missing and/or cut off.
Issue 2 - Incorrect highlighting
Issue 3 - Moving items sometimes doesn't work
Issue 4 - Scrolling of items scrolls the whole page instead (sometimes)
Issue 5 - Bottom ListBox cut off (Chrome dev tools, iPhone 5/SE)
Issue 6 - Scrolling in ListBox sometimes selects items
Issue 7 - Sometimes items in the Listboxes cannot be selected at all. (Intermittent)
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: ListBox
Type: Feature Request
The control should provide support for the JAWS screen readers, which will enable it for use by visually impaired users.

More details are available in the following forum thread -
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Last Updated: 05 Apr 2016 11:14 by XiMnet Malaysia
Created by: XiMnet Malaysia
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Category: ListBox
Type: Feature Request

Would love to have feature for reorder animation and drop placeholder when user is reordering the item(s) in the Radlistbox.

A example would be the list in as attached.

Another example would be like JQUERYUI's sortable plugin.