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Selecting a cell from horizontally scrolled RadGrid with allowed Keyboard Navigationcauses the page to be scrolled to the left in IE 11.


Comment: If the Batch editing is enabled the cell is selected, but the batch editing is not started.

Code to reproduce the issue:
<div style="width: 4000px">
        <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="true" AllowSorting="true" Skin="Telerik" RenderMode="Lightweight"
            <ClientSettings AllowKeyboardNavigation="true" Scrolling-AllowScroll="true" Scrolling-SaveScrollPosition="true">
                <Selecting CellSelectionMode="SingleCell" />
            <GroupingSettings ShowUnGroupButton="true"></GroupingSettings>
            <MasterTableView  CommandItemDisplay="Top" Frame="Border" ShowFooter="true" AllowPaging="True" AllowCustomPaging="true" ShowGroupFooter="true">
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It seems the element somehow considmes the scrolling/touch action and the grid does not scroll unless you hit the gap where the custom element does not reach.

A workaround is to enforce overflow: auto to the scrollable element of the grid. A sample is attached below.

        div.rgDataDiv {
            overflow: auto !important;

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When virtualization is enabled for RadGrid, NeedDataSource is called at every Post back with RebindReason = ExplicitRebind, regardless of the event target.
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When there is at least one ColumnGroup which is not assigned to any of the columns in RadGrid, exporting to Excel throws an exception "Index was outside the bonds of the array"
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The filter expression that we build should use ToUpperCase in the build expresssion.
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When page scrolling is enabled and scrolling down the page, the row context menu of RadGrid rows do not open at a correct position.

Demo: Video Recording

Testing conducted in Safari 13, MacOS

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.hasChanges() results in records flagged for Delete to not actually get deleted when .saveChanges() executes.

I found the same behaviour on a LiveDemo example that checks .hasChanges(): Grid - Binding to Telerik ClientDataSource

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make any change to the first record, such as modifying the Contact Name.
  • On the second record, Click the "x" under the DELETE column to mark it for delete.
  • Click any column heading to sort.  (This calls a UserAction event handler that calls .hasChanges())
  • Choose to Cancel at the popup prompt.
  • Click "Save changes".
  • Monitor the browser console, you will find that webservice UpdateCustomers is called,  but DeleteCustomers is not.


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Assuming the following configuration for RadGrid:

  • RenderMode="Mobile"
  • AllowSorting="true"

Testing using a mobile device (e.g. Chrome in Galaxy Nexus)

Test case 1:

If I click on middle of three dots Icon, then RadGrid opens the options menu

Test case 2:

If I click a bit below of the three dots Icon, then RadGrid does a sort on the column automatically

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The problem happens when there is a visible insert row on the grid which gets replaced by an empty row in the exported Excel file. The temp solution is to clear the insert row with the code below and the empty row in the generated excel will be removed.

protected void RadGrid1_ItemCommand(object sender, GridCommandEventArgs e)
    if(e.CommandName == RadGrid.ExportToExcelCommandName)
        // if there are items in edit mode, clear those
        if(RadGrid1.EditIndexes.Count > 0)
        // if insert item is present, cancel the insert form
        if (RadGrid1.MasterTableView.IsItemInserted)
            RadGrid1.MasterTableView.GetInsertItem().FireCommandEvent("Cancel", "");

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If paging is disabled and the PageSize is set to less than the number of records bound to RadGrid, client item templates are not all rendered correctly.


If PageSize is 10, and records bound to Grid are 15, then the first 10 records will have templates rendered correctly, while the rest of 5 records will not.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2019 15:37 by ADMIN
Status bar in Grid does not hide after Exporting a document when OnCommand client event is handled
Last Updated: 12 Oct 2017 19:57 by Jason
Th header context menu of the Grid gets closed on click (select/deselect a column) if the Grid is initially scrolled horizontally.


Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open the Live Demos solution for "UI for ASP.NET AJAX R1 2017" in VS2015;
    2. Open the page "UI for ASP.NET AJAX R1 2017\Live Demos\Grid\Examples\Functionality\Scrolling\scrolling\DefaultCS.aspx";
    3. Enable the HeaderContextMenu by setting EnableHeaderContextMenu="True" in the tag telerik:RadGrid;
    4. Disable the column freezing.
    5. Run the Demo and open the page "Grid\Examples\Functionality\Scrolling\scrolling\DefaultCS.aspx";
    6. Scroll the horizontal scrollbar of the grid to the right;
    7. Right click on the column header and pick the Columns from the context menu;
    8. Select or unselect any column, the Column Chooser will close by itself;
    9. Now, scroll the horizontal scrollbar of the grid all the way to the left;
    10. Right click on the column header and pick the Column Chooser from the context menu;
    11. Select or unselect any columns, the Column Chooser won't close by itself.
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RadGrid with Hierarchical structure throws the error when an item is expanding while it's in edit mode and the Table's HierarchyLoadMode is set to Client.
Last Updated: 30 Nov 2017 14:14 by AppDev
The reason for the behavior is that the column editor does not move to the cell when you cancel its opening. Opening a cell in the same column expects the column editor to be in the previously opened cell, however, and this causes the error. Repro is attached to illustrate the scenario.

- Use EditType=Cell so that each cell opens independently of the row (wokaround 1).
- Use the provided function override (workaround 2). Make sure to remove it after upgrading to a release that has the fix. This function override may prevent you from getting other updates and fixes in this function.
- Use a template column and hide the editor based on your condition in the OnBatchEditOpened event (workaround 3)
Last Updated: 19 Dec 2017 10:27 by Attila Antal
There are two possible approaches to overcome this issue:
- First approach would be to get a reference to the GridHTMLEditorColumn and add the desired tools in the code behind using the "OnItemCreated" server event handler of RadGrid.
- Second approach would be to use GridTemplateColumn with RadEditor.
Last Updated: 21 Jun 2018 14:23 by ADMIN
There are two easy solutions:
- set HighlightDeletedRows to false
- use the built-in Save Changes button in the command item

A workaround is attached that allows you to use an external button and highlight deleted rows.
It will cause other changes apart from deletion on a row to be lost, but deleted rows will be sent to the server.
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Hi Team Telerik,

i found a bug in RadGrid. This one only appears in Chrome Webbrowser.
Columnresizing only works once per column in chrome. You can see it right the way in your demo-site. Go to the Resizing Demopart and resize one column. Now try to re-resize it. It wont work. 

Best wishes Philipp
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with client-side databinding when setting sort/filter expressions on button click and then calling the rebind or set_currentPageIndex methods the control makes multiple requests to the web service.
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