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Last Updated: 06 Jul 2015 14:18 by David
Created by: Michael Rogers
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Category: TileList
Type: Feature Request
Sometime it would be better to have a layout that is not in the metro style.

Where the default is:

1 2 5 6
3 4 7 8 

There are scenarios where:

1 2 3 4 
5 6 7 8

would work much better.   The tile list fits in metro style apps well but has other uses where that style is not really desired.

There has been interest in this for the past couple years in the forum.  

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Last Updated: 23 Mar 2016 11:15 by Douw
Created by: Douw
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Category: TileList
Type: Feature Request
Please add support to bind to System.Dynamic.DynamicObject:
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Last Updated: 21 Apr 2016 12:36 by jasper
If you use the code from the following help article: and set ScrollingMode property of the RadTileList control to Accelerated after re-sizing the window it is possible to scroll vertically.
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Last Updated: 21 Jul 2017 14:12 by Alexis
Created by: Alexis
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Category: TileList
Type: Feature Request
Would be incredibly handy if we could programmatically set the image to a byte array with the RadImageTile (or I guess RadImageAndTextTile). Right now you can only set it via the ImageURL but we don't want to store the image like that, we want to read the image from the DB, so we're reading it out as a byte array.

This is possible in your RadBinaryImage, I think, but not in the RadImageTile. 
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Last Updated: 14 Nov 2017 08:21 by Tony Monaco
The current RadTileList TileGroup item is only settable as text.  Is it possible to modify this item to use a LayoutTemplate so that additional items could be added to the TileGroup area?
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Last Updated: 14 Sep 2015 06:14 by ADMIN
Until this feature is implemented, you can use the TileDataBound event ( to set properties of the tiles and their child controls.