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ImageManager loses the selection after an image has been edited into the ImageEditor and saved with new file name.

video: http://screencast.com/t/rZIp4iioehE
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Using sitefinity we get a lot of admins getting "Enter happy" and generating obnoxious amounts of <p> tags or empty divs, or something...

I'd love a filter such that when they save it'd go through and clean up (remove) the empty crap content.

<p>some text</p> <-- FINE
<p></p> <-- GONE
<p><br/></p> <-- GONE
<p>Final bit of text</p> <-- FINE
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When RadEditor's ContentAreaMode is Div the entire page is printed instead of just the content. 

Possible solution is changing the mode to Iframe as it is by default. 
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Created by: Marin Bratanov
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When there is a hidden <tfoot> element in the table, the Delete Row command in the editor context menu cannot delete the last row in IE. Works with other rows and other browsers.

WORKAROUND: use visibility: collapse for the footer rows instead of dispay:none for the footer

Repro steps:
- Use the markup attached below
- right click the last row in any table
- choose Row > Delete Row 

Expected: row is always deleted

Actual: in IE you cannot delete the last row of the second table
Last Updated: 27 Mar 2018 12:54 by Imported User
RadEditor does not offer resx localization for the following Track Changes strings "Inserted by ", "Formatted by ", "Deleted by " as well as for the strings in the Comments dialog: Title, Save, Cancel and Edit.
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2013 11:55 by ADMIN
When a table is pasted from Word a border-image:none rule is inserted along with all content. The behavior is encountered only under Firefox and this rule is not needed for the correct rendering of the table.
Last Updated: 27 Dec 2019 00:00 by ADMIN
I am currently using the Radeditor "Insert Table" function. I would like this to allow user to auto adjust columns and rows live just like the following demo. https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-mvc/editor.  I have disable the table wizard and table properties, so user will not be able to mess with this extra stuff. In the Capture.PNG is what I currently have. I would like to have the Want.PNG picture. 
Last Updated: 20 Feb 2018 16:02 by ADMIN
Please follow these steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Open RadEditor Demo: https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx
2. Choose a word that is present in the text (e.g. "Barcelona").
3. Open "Find And Replace" dialog.
4. Click on the "Replace" tab.
5. Write "Barcelona" or any other chosen word in the "Find" field.
6. Write something in the "Replace With" field (e.g. "Replacement").
7. Select the "Up" Direction in "Search Options".
8. Click "Replace All".

Actual Result: The "The search string was not found." message is displayed and the substrings ("Barcelona") are not replaced.
Expected Result: All occurrences of the substring are replaced.

Note that this functionality seems to be working if the "Down" direction is chosen.
Last Updated: 08 Mar 2018 11:10 by ADMIN
1.       Visit the RadEditor demo at https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx (I used Google Chrome.)

2.       In the HTML view, replace the entire demo text with

This <strong>strange</strong> thing

3.       In the Design view, place the cursor at the very end of the line, and press Shift+Left repeatedly.

a.       At first it will highlight the final letter correctly.

b.      Then it will UNHIGHLIGHT the final letter!

c.       Then it will begin highlight more letters again starting from the letter BEFORE the final letter.

d.      Then, after highlighting the ā€œeā€ in strange, it will being UNHIGHLIGHTING starting from the righthand side of the selection!

e.      Then it will highlight left as far as the ā€œsā€.

f.        Then it will start UNHIGHLIGHTING from the right again!

g.       Then highlighting the space to the left

h.      Then UNHIGHLIGHTING the space to the left!

i.         Then highlighting to the left as far as the beginning of the line

j.        Then UNHIGHLIGHTING from the right side of the selection!

Pressing Shift+Left and Shift+Right should always modify only one end of the selection, and the other end should always remain where the selection was started. This is how Windows Notepad and virtually all other applications behave.
Last Updated: 27 Feb 2019 14:05 by ADMIN

Reproduction steps: 

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="RadEditor1">
        <span style="color: #548dd4;">asdas</span>this is sample text

When the mode is changed to HTML, the content is as follows: 


<span style="color: #548dd4;">asdas</span>this is sample text


<span style="color: rgb(84, 141, 212);">asdas</span>this is sample text


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Created by: Rumen
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Type: Bug Report
There is a problem in Safari on Mac while selecting Table cell properties via the context menu when a table cell is selected. Its Wrongly selected in the Table Wizard window.

Reproduction steps:

- Load the default demo in Safari Mac: http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx

- Right click over the third cell in the second column ("Los Gigantes is located...") and choose Cell Properties.

- The Preview of the Cell Properties in the Table Wizard will show that the first cell is selected but not the right one.

Last Updated: 11 Jan 2017 08:04 by ADMIN
The Table Wizard dialog, the Table Properties tab shows Cell Padding and Cell Spacing fields, but this fields can only apply values. If you edit them through the HTML mode or the Properties Inspector module, the fields in Table Properties dialog will not be updated.
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2016 15:41 by ADMIN
The context menu for IMG and Table element immediately hides when shown on Mac Firefox.

Load this demo http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx on Firefox Mac OS
and right click in a table cell or image. You'll see how the menu pops up and immediately closes.

Video reproduction -> http://www.screencast.com/t/osHP96eQOa7

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2017 16:13 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce:
1. go to demo url http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/editor/examples/edittemplate/defaultcs.aspx
2. click add new record
3. try to manually resize editor. it won't.
4. click add new record again.
5  try to manually resize editor, now it will.
Last Updated: 16 May 2017 11:17 by ADMIN
Workaround is to add the following function override at the end of the page (a sample is attached below)
				Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.Utils.isWindowDestroyed = function (window) {
					var doc;
						doc = window.document;
					} catch (e) {
						return true;
					if(Telerik.Web.Browser.safari && !doc){
						return true;
					return !doc.defaultView && !doc.parentWindow;
Last Updated: 19 Jun 2014 11:58 by ADMIN
When the ToolProviderID property is set, the Undo/Redo property is working only for the first RadEditor contorl
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2014 09:58 by Elena
The problem is reproducible when the selected element has a CSS property applied that enables the hasLayout feature of the element under IE.

When an anchor hasLayout we cannot properly select it. The hyperlink manager shows the text, but modifying it is not carried to the actual markup. 

CSS properties that trigger hasLayout in IE:

CSS property	Value
display	inline-block
height	any value
float	left or right
position	absolute
width	any value
-ms-writing-mode	tb-rl
zoom	any value
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2013 15:17 by ADMIN
When an image is selected and it is larger than the preview size of the Image Map Editor new shape selections could not be easily added.
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