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The RadDock control cannot be expanded when it is set in lightweight render mode and its property Collapsed is set to true.

You can avoid this issue by setting the dock in collapsed state via its client-side API:

<script type="text/javascript">
    function OnClientInitialize(sender, args) {
<telerik:RadDock runat="server" ID="RadDock1" OnClientInitialize="OnClientInitialize">
Last Updated: 16 Sep 2015 05:49 by ADMIN
The animation of the RadDock control is causes performance issues under IE8 and due to that the expanding/collapsing and the docking/undocking functionalities are not working as expected.

Disabling the animation resolves the issue: 
Last Updated: 10 Jun 2016 06:51 by ADMIN
When some content is entered in a RadDock, the project is closed, opened again and new elements are added in the content via the Visual Studio's designer, the elements that are included after the reloading of the project will disappear from the designer, after editing the dock.
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Created by: Vessy
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Category: Dock
Type: Bug Report
As of Q1 2016 the elasticity of RadDock is not behaving properly due to  some fixed font styles like:
.RadDock .rdCommandButton
     font-size: 16px;

Possible workaround:
div.RadDock .rdCommandButton
     font-size: 1.2em;
Last Updated: 27 Jun 2016 14:02 by ADMIN
It should not be possible to add docks in a RadDockZone, the property AllowedDocks of which does not include the IDs of the included docks.
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