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Last Updated: 20 Aug 2015 07:30 by Josef Rogovsky
Basically, I would like to be able to set a default state for the menu (which menu is open and which menu item has focus) in code behind (like the Page Load event).

The menu would start off showing the designated menu as open and the designated menu item would have focus but the user would still be able to hover over other menus to open them (the default open menu would then collapse).

If the user ends up moving the mouse off the menu without clicking anything, the menu would then automatically revert to the default state set in Page Load.

Currently, the only way to implement this functionality is to use hidden fields to store the open menu/focused menu item info (on Page Load) and then capture a bunch of JavaScript client events to setup the default menu state, collapse the menu when a different menu is hovered over and reset the menu to the default state when the mouse moves away without clicking.

It works but it's a lot of client code and occasionally the JavaScript events don't fire correctly (or in the correct sequence) and the menu won't reset properly or maybe the sub menus will overdraw each other.

It's a lot of work for something that I think should be built into the core RadMenu control. I'm also concerned about using so much JavaScript because I've been developing web apps for 15 years (using Telerik for 10 years) and every few years all my JavaScript code breaks (due to browser changes) and has to be rewritten. I'd much rather just set the relevant properties in code behind and let you guys worry about updating the client code.

It would be great to just set the default state in code behind and have the menu reset to that state when it loses focus. You could also have a reset timeout so that the menu will reset after the mouse is off the menu for a set number of seconds.

A quick Google search shows that people have been asking for an easy way to implement this for years.

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I use the RadContextMenu control (ajax).  When I right-click a control to show the menu, the OnClientShowing or On ClientItemClicked events are fired.

Within this, I can get the html element that has been clicked, but what I really need is a reference to the actual control that was clicked.  For example, I have a checkbox on my page and the user can right-click the text on the checkbox, OR the check-box itself.  This makes it really tough to determine what the actual control was that was clicked (in this case, the RadCheckBox).

I thought it would be a cool idea to be able to get this control as part of the args for the event.




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Last Updated: 24 Jan 2017 15:05 by Andrea
Due to recent changes to the keyboard accessibility of the RadMenu (i.e. it is now only accessible using the arrow keys instead of moving around using tabs), mega menus are no longer keyboard accessible.

We have designed a mega menu using a telerik RadSiteMap embedded in a RadMenu control, as suggested in the Telerik Demo site:

However, this is no longer accessible. Previously, you could open the dropdown by pressing the down button, then move around in the dropdown using tab. Now, however, pressing tab just closes the dropdown.

We need the menu to be accessible in one way or another.
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Created by: Peter Milchev
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Currently the Menu with RenderMode="Mobile" expands only in one direction(down) and disregarding the value of the  DefaultGroupSettings-ExpandDirection property.