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For complex wizard setups, some later steps can be dependent on choices a user makes on some initial tabs.

For the RadWizard, it would be nice to be able to dynamically show and hide the tabs and steps from the User based on their choices (from client-side or server-side code).  This would make the control a ton more useful and capable.  

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Would be great to have a SingleClick and SingleClickText property for Cancel, Next and Finish buttons on the RadWizard in the same manner as normal RadButtons.

Testing a project which is complete except for an issue where the user is able to submit many times by pressing the Finish button in quick succession.

Tried this but did not work for me:
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A temporary workaround is enabling the controls programmatically: 

private void RadWizard1_NextButtonClick(object sender, WizardEventArgs e)
    if (Page.IsValid)
        int activeStepIndex = RadWizard1.ActiveStep.Index;
        var wizstep = RadWizard1.WizardSteps[activeStepIndex];
        wizstep.Enabled = true;

        for (var index = 0; index < wizstep.Controls.Count; index++)
            var ctrl = wizstep.Controls.Item[index] as WebControl;
            if (ctrl != null)
                ctrl.Enabled = true;

Private Sub RadWizard1_NextButtonClick(sender As Object, e As WizardEventArgs) Handles RadWizard1.NextButtonClick
    If Page.IsValid Then
        Dim activeStepIndex As Integer = TryCast(sender, RadWizard).ActiveStep.Index
        Dim wizstep = RadWizard1.WizardSteps.Item(activeStepIndex)
        wizstep.Enabled = True

        For index = 0 To wizstep.Controls.Count - 1
            Dim ctrl = TryCast(wizstep.Controls.Item(index), WebControl)
            If ctrl IsNot Nothing Then
                ctrl.Enabled = True
            End If
    End If
End Sub

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When nesting several RadWizard controls with different orientation they are mixing there styles in Lightweight (e.g. Vertical in horizontal). The problem occurs only in Lightweight, the Classic rendered Wizards are rendered properly.

Code to reproduce the problem:
      <telerik:RadWizard runat="server" ID="StaticWizard" RenderMode="Lightweight">
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.0 Step">
                        <telerik:RadWizard runat="server" ID="NestedStaticWizard1" NavigationBarPosition="Left" ProgressBarPosition="Left" RenderMode="Lightweight">
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.01 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.02 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.03 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.04 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.05 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                                <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="1.06 Sub-step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="2.0 Step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="3.0 Step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="4.0 Step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="5.0 Step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>
                    <telerik:RadWizardStep Title="6.0 Step"></telerik:RadWizardStep>