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When setting the DialogsCssFile property, the generated markup of the RadEditor wrapper changes from 

Radeditor RadEditor_<MyCustomSkin> reWrapper


Radeditor <MyCustomSkin> reWrapper.

Since the custom skins generated through the Theme Builder requires the Radeditor RadEditor_<MyCustomSkin> reWrapper class syntax, they won't be applied to the RadEditor body.

The string <MyCustomSkin> is the name of the custom skin.

To fix the problem explicitly set the RenderMode property of RadEditor to "Lightweight", i.e.

<telerik:RadEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" DialogsCssFile="~/MyCustomSkin/DialogContents.css" ID="RadEditor1" runat="server" Skin="MyCustomSkin" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false">
            <ImageManager ViewPaths="~/" UploadPaths="~/" />

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I have a Telerik RadEditor (2017.3) control with custom/unembedded skin (created using the themebuilder on telerik), and when I enter a value for the DialogsCssFile attribute, the markup of the page changes, meaning that my custom skin is not applied to the editor anymore.

Why is this a problem? Well the css inside the dialog for Find/replace for example didn't display correct, and having done some research, I needed to do some @imports into a customDialog.css file and drop that into the DialogsCssFile attribute.

As soon as I do this, the generated markup in the page for RadEditor changes from

Radeditor RadEditor_MyCustomSkin reWrapper


Radeditor MyCustomSkin reWrapper

meaning that my radeditor Skin is not applied to the editor, If I remove the DialogCssFile then the editor skin loads correctly, but the dialogs look wrong. In the Page source, the Window is a div within the page, and not an iFrame

Code :

Page CSS files (in order)

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/formdecorator.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/toolbar.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/window.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/combobox.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/dropdownlist.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/tabstrip.MyCustomSkin.css" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/MyCustomSkin/editor.MyCustomSkin.css" />
Main Radeditor Class (to give idea of class names)

.RadEditor_MyCustomSkin { /* css styles - all generated automatically */ }
Control :

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" ID="pageRadEdit" ToolbarMode="Default" EditModes="Design,Html"
ToolsFile="~/App_Data/Editor.xml" Width="980px" Height="800px"
EnableResize="false" OnClientLoad="resizeMe" NewLineMode="P"
        <SpellCheckSettings DictionaryLanguage="en-GB" AllowAddCustom="false" />
            <telerik:SpellCheckerLanguage Code="en-GB" Title="English (UK)" />

@import url('FormDecorator.MyCustomSkin.css');
/*@import url('Grid.MyCustomSkin.css');*/
@import url('Input.MyCustomSkin.css');
@import url('Splitter.MyCustomSkin.css');
@import url('TabStrip.MyCustomSkin.css');
@import url('ToolBar.MyCustomSkin.css');
/*@import url('Upload.MyCustomSkin.css');*/
@import url('Window.MyCustomSkin.css');
@import url('ComboBox.MyCustomSkin.css');
@import url('Button.MyCustomSkin.css');
/*@import url('Editor.MyCustomSkin.css');*/
Note : Editor css is still using wrong class even if the bottom import is uncommented

Web.Config settings

<add key="Telerik.Skin" value="MyCustomSkin" />
<add key="Telerik.ScriptManager.TelerikCdn" value="Disabled" />
<add key="Telerik.StyleSheetManager.TelerikCdn" value="Disabled" />
<add key="Telerik.Web.UI.RenderMode" value="lightweight" />
<add key="Telerik.Web.UI.EnableEmbeddedSkins" value="false" />
<add key="Telerik.EnableEmbeddedSkins" value="false" />
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Created by: Marin Bratanov
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
Repro steps:    
    open Edge 41 (creator's update brings it)
    start an editor, e.g.: <telerik:RadEditor ID="RadEditor1" runat="server"></telerik:RadEditor>
    type "ab"
    press enter
    type "cd"

Actual: the second paragraph contains only "d"

Expected: the second paragraph contains "cd"
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When EnableComments is set to true, the content from the clipboard is pasted twice in an empty editor.

RadEditor Configuration:

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server"
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Bold" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Italic" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Underline" />
            <telerik:EditorSeparator />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Undo" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Redo" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Cut" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Copy" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Paste" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="PastePlainText" Text="Paste Plain Text" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="FindAndReplace" Text="Find and Replace" />
            <telerik:EditorSeparator />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Indent" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Outdent" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="InsertOrderedList" Text="Numbered List" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="InsertUnorderedList" Text="Bulleted List" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="LinkManager" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="Unlink" />
            <telerik:EditorSeparator />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="AjaxSpellCheck" Text="Spell Check" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="InsertSymbol" Text="Insert Symbol" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="AcceptTrackChange" Text="Accept Change" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="RejectTrackChange" Text="Reject Change" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="AcceptAllTrackChanges" Text="Accept All Changes" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="RejectAllTrackChanges" Text="Reject All Changes" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="EnableTrackChangesOverride" Text="Track Changes" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="AddComment" Text="Add Comment" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="RemoveComment" Text="Remove Comment" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="RemoveAllComments" Text="Remove All Comments" />
            <telerik:EditorTool Name="ImageManager" Text="Insert Image" />
Potential workaround:
<script type="text/javascript">
    function OnClientPasteHtml(sender, args) {
        var commandName = args.get_commandName();
        var value = args.get_value();
        if (commandName == "Paste" && {
<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" Height="300px" StripFormattingOptions="Span,Font,Css" EnableTrackChanges="true" OnClientPasteHtml="OnClientPasteHtml"
    EnableComments="true" NewLineMode="P" EditModes="Design,Html">
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Created by: Rumen
Comments: 0
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to the Editor demo page in Chrome
2. CTRL+A on the editor and hit delete
3. Hit Delete or Backspace again
Result: Uncaught TypeError Appears in the console
Last Updated: 06 Oct 2017 09:03 by SUNIL
Even if the ToolsFile is pointing to a valid file, no toolbar is rendered when the control is loaded in a mobile browser.

Run the following code in Chrome's mobile emulator:
<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
    <title>RadEditor Mobile Toolbar Vanishing</title>
   <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"/>
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
        <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"></asp:ScriptManager>
        <telerik:RadEditor ID="RadEditor1" runat="server" RenderMode="Auto" ToolsFile="toolsFile.xml"></telerik:RadEditor>
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Created by: Vessy
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
ImageManager's layout is broken in Bootstrap in Lightweight:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open

2. Open the ImageManager dialog
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Created by: Steve Rothschild
Comments: 2
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
I recently updated my website with the dll patch telerik  provided for the cryptographic weakness:

After the update I found that the pages which were using the RadEditor control and several other controls was not loading and throwing this error:
Parser Error Message: Decryption key specified has invalid hex characters.

Several other controls are throwing this error but I cannot delete controls one by one and check which ones are having this problem.

But I checked for the RadEditor and it was throwing this error. Nothing else is there on the page while testing other than this control.
This does not happen on a plain new website and is happening when we have the sql mermbership and machine key configured. We are using passwordFormat as encrypted in sql membership config and cannot remove machine key.
If you got to test it, then test it on some already configured machine key and sql membership website.

I have attached screenshots for this error and telerik dll patch in use currently.

We are on a production server and we need a solution for this issue ASAP.
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2017 12:16 by ADMIN
The Edit Content and other toolbar buttons are untouchable on Android Chrome on Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 5.

It is very hard to switch to edit mode and so on.
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2017 12:45 by ADMIN
Deleting the fisrt char of a list item removes the li element instead of the char (using Delete button). 

The issue is introduced in Q1 2016.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open
2. Insert the following content in html mode:

3. Switch to Design mode and click in the begining of the second list item (befor 4).
4. Press the Delete key


Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017 15:52 by ADMIN
You can create a list item, but it is impossible to type text in the list item.
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017 14:31 by ADMIN
Toolbar icons are missing in Image Manager dialog when custom content provider is used
Last Updated: 02 Feb 2017 14:30 by ADMIN
The Properties tab in Image Manager dialog Preview tab appear as blank when custom content provider is used.
Last Updated: 25 Apr 2017 12:30 by ADMIN
RadEditor strips urls pointing to the current page when MakeUrlsAbsolute is enabled.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open

2. Clear the content of the Editor, swith to html mode and paste the following content:
<a href="" target="_self">2.2.2</a>
<table bordercolor="#000000" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
            <td style="text-align: center; vertical-align: middle;" rowspan="2"><strong>Text</strong></td>

3. Switch to Design mode and back to html mode.

Result: The content will be stripped like follows:
<a href="#000000" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
Occurs in IE11, IE10, or IE9 (Works in IE8).
Copy a table from MS word/excel into editor.
Right-click right most column.
Select Column > Delete Column.
Unable to select other rows in copied table or edit table cells
Last Updated: 19 Dec 2016 13:53 by ADMIN
Created by: Marin Bratanov
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
A workaround is to add the following CSS rules to the DialogsCssFile stylesheet:

.reLightweightDialog.RadForm_BlackMetroTouch.redLinkManager body,
.reLightweightDialog.RadForm_Bootstrap.redLinkManager body
	width: 540px;
	height: 540px !important;

/*or use that, which will affect all skins: */
/*.reLightweightDialog.redLinkManager body
	width: 540px;
	height: 540px !important;
Last Updated: 19 Dec 2016 13:56 by ADMIN
In IE, create a table and add a caption

Apply the style="display: none" to the caption

Attempt to select table using the Editor's select table function and an unspecified error is thrown in the console

This issue was reproduced on the RadEditor demo page.

This issue only happens in IE, could not reproduce in Firefox or Chrome.

This issue does not occur when the display: none style is removed from the caption.


Last Updated: 30 Nov 2016 14:15 by ADMIN
This issue happens only on Macs with Chrome and Safari.

It is related to the IME (input method editor) that is used to enter Japanese (Hiragana) words with Latin keyboards. Such an IME is provided by Windows and the Mac operating system. Part of the process to enter Japanese text is to enter several characters, then press the space bar to get a popup list of suggestions for potential words. The space bar is then pressed again until the desired word is highlighted. Then the user will press return to select the correct word. The user then presses the next characters to build the next word.

If you need more information about typing Japanese text you can find a description here:

The bug with RadEditor can be demonstrated with the current RadEditor demo page. ( 

To recreate the problem you can go to your RadEditor demo page with Chrome or Safari on a Mac. You will need to enable the Japanese IME in your operating system. This is very easy to do and you can just do a Google search for instructions if you need to.

Then delete all example text. 

Now press the following keys on an English keyboard:

s a t e l o    

(each 2 key combination creates a Japanese character)

You will now see 3 Japanese characters. Now press the space bar. This will open the word selection list. Now press the space bar again, which should select the next words from the list. But instead of selecting the next word, the popup list is immediately closed and some different character are inserted in the content. If you then press another key the content gets completely destroyed and replaced with the key that was pressed. It does not work as expected and it is unusable that way.

If you try the same key sequence with Firefox on a Mac or any browser on a PC you will see how it is supposed to work.

The same problem happens if you would use the cursor down key (instead of the space bar) to select the next item in the list.

The affected browsers work as expected in regular input / textarea fields. It seems to happen only with Telerik's RadEditor control. To narrow down the cause even further I created a JSFiddle demo with a simple control that has the attribute contenteditable=true set. I believe that RadEditor is based on such a control and I wanted to see if the affected browsers may have problems with this HTML feature itself. You can try the JSFiddle demo here:     The result is that the affected bowsers work as expected in this demo. This seems to indicate that the Telerik editor control must do something different to trigger this problem.

I also created a video that demonstrates the issue. You can see the video here:
Last Updated: 25 Nov 2016 15:48 by ADMIN
Thead and tfoot elements get deleted with deleting content of table in Google Chrome.

On the RadEditor demo page []

Replace the content with a table with a thead tbody tfoot caption


Select some content across the tbody, tfoot, thead and caption and delete 

Expected results: the content of the TD and TH should be remove

Actual results: the THEAD and TFOOT elements are removed

More details check the attached delete_thead_tfoot.gif file.

<telerik:RadEditor ID="RadEditor1" runat="server">

	(function () {
		var $E = Telerik.Web.UI.Editor;
		var utils = $E.Utils;
		var cmdPrototype = $E.DeleteSelectionCommand.prototype;
		var shouldCollectNode = cmdPrototype.shouldCollectNode;
		cmdPrototype.shouldCollectNode = function (node) {
			return, node) && !utils.isTag(node, "thead") && !utils.isTag(node, "tfoot");
Last Updated: 27 Oct 2016 13:27 by ADMIN
In R3 2016 SP1 when a RadEditor with RenderMode=Classic is disposed and RadScriptManager is used, a JavaScript error is thrown:
IE:  Object doesn't support property or method 'dispose'
Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: this._contextMenuFunctionality.dispose is not a function

FIXED in R3 2016 SP2 (2016.3.1027)

There are three workarounds:
- Set EnableScriptCombine to false for the RadScriptManager (not applicable when CDN is used)
- OR set RenderMode=Lightweight for the RadEditor (you can do this in the web.config for all control instance in the web app if they do not define the Classic mode exiplicitly)
- OR add the following function override at the end of your page:

			<telerik:RadScriptManager ID="RadScriptManager1" runat="server" >

			<%-- WORKAROUND 1: SET EnableScriptCombine="false" TO RADSCRIPTMANAGER--%>

			<asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="click to postback and break the editor" runat="server" />

			<telerik:RadEditor ID="txtInstructions" runat="server">

			<%-- WORKAROUND 2: SET RenderMode="Lightweight" TO RADEDITOR--%>


				Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.DefaultToolAdapter.prototype.dispose = function ()
					delete this._fakeToolbarParentCreated;
					var toolbars = this._getToolBarElements();
					if (toolbars) {
						for (var i = 0; i < toolbars.length; i++) {
					this._tools = [];
					var wnd = this._toolbarHolder;
					if (wnd && wnd.dispose) wnd.dispose();
					var contextMenuFunctionality = this._contextMenuFunctionality;
					if (contextMenuFunctionality && contextMenuFunctionality.dispose) contextMenuFunctionality.dispose();
					Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.DefaultToolAdapter.callBaseMethod(this, "dispose");