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The connection StartCap and EndCap values are not applied when set through ConnectionDefaults.
The bug is introcuded version 2016 R3 SP1

Code to reproduce the probelem:
        <telerik:RadDiagram ID="RadDiagram2" runat="server" Skin="Windows7" Height="365" Width="1600">
            <ShapeDefaultsSettings Height="30" Width="100">
                <ContentSettings FontSize="12" />
                <FillSettings Color="#f2f2f2" />
                <StrokeSettings Width="2" />
            <LayoutSettings Enabled="true" ></LayoutSettings>
                <telerik:DiagramShape Id="s1"></telerik:DiagramShape>
                <telerik:DiagramShape Id="s2"></telerik:DiagramShape>
                <telerik:DiagramShape Id="s3"></telerik:DiagramShape>
                    <FromSettings ShapeId="s1" />
                    <ToSettings ShapeId="s2" />
                    <FromSettings ShapeId="s2" />
                    <ToSettings ShapeId="s3" />
            <ConnectionDefaultsSettings StartCap="FilledCircle" EndCap="ArrowEnd" />
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Created by: Peter Milchev
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Type: Bug Report
Screencast demonstrating the issue and the fixes:

Caused by!topic/blink-dev/GbVcuwg_QjM/discussion%5B1-25%5D

Workaround attached
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Position the cursor between the words SharePoint and Whether in the first paragraph and add a line break, after that press Backspace and you'll see that the new line does not disappear.

Adding new sections between existing paragraphs or after the last paragraph seems to work fine, but if you have to break up an existing paragraph into two paragraphs and then want to turn it back into one you won't be able to.
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
There is a black line that has appeared in my RadMenu.

The problem can be solved by adding a display: none in the following class:

.RadMenu .rmGroup:before, .RadMenu .rmMultiColumn:before, .RadMenu .rmScrollWrap>.rmHorizontal:before, .RadMenu .rmScrollWrap>.rmVertical:before
Won't Fix
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Last Updated: 27 Sep 2017 11:20 by ADMIN
When RadEditor is configured with RenderMode="Auto", it renders fine on a mobile, but the Find and Replace throws a JavaScript error:

Uncaught Error: Sys.ArgumentNullException: Dialog Parameters for the FindAndReplace dialog do not exist

Parameter name: dialogName
    at Function.Error$create [as create] (ScriptResource.axd?d=drtcXVcvAjvxxGTIp4ks_jsffAtTgDZa7F-xsErOE7x83oPLnSroIDP2Rlpln027LL6pHm8wDFlVd2TfNwyX9tsTD0IfApyfv4p2GRpAUsfag9bRTF3ZhqYQPg2KFASuXMmfKVcURGhOxnF7S60OLuj9cWAWD2oOw-AOIsKJVpoN8aJcHQVfLpfuW8e9J_z70&t=74693645:237)
    at Function.Error$argumentNull [as argumentNull] (ScriptResource.axd?d=drtcXVcvAjvxxGTIp4ks_jsffAtTgDZa7F-xsErOE7x83oPLnSroIDP2Rlpln027LL6pHm8wDFlVd2TfNwyX9tsTD0IfApyfv4p2GRpAUsfag9bRTF3ZhqYQPg2KFASuXMmfKVcURGhOxnF7S60OLuj9cWAWD2oOw-AOIsKJVpoN8aJcHQVfLpfuW8e9J_z70&t=74693645:279)
    at b.RadDialogOpener._getDialogDefinition (ScriptResource.axd?d=CcXTXAXm_2uXk6i-z8e-9-GUON7JgJld7fON2waeoUCDG-568SfljYE0OxAYq5S_l1j5QbPdt7yR5Ji7ARrlqe9xsoWPpTVgVVnsC2r0rN-hCMOIKe3sXa-glZDwstuHDCKnEGv03WuBZg3A1mEmGb3cZzVnLPok8zmI9TSFWuc1&t=6e6e42a6:199)
    at (ScriptResource.axd?d=CcXTXAXm_2uXk6i-z8e-9-GUON7JgJld7fON2waeoUCDG-568SfljYE0OxAYq5S_l1j5QbPdt7yR5Ji7ARrlqe9xsoWPpTVgVVnsC2r0rN-hCMOIKe3sXa-glZDwstuHDCKnEGv03WuBZg3A1mEmGb3cZzVnLPok8zmI9TSFWuc1&t=6e6e42a6:65)
    at c.RadEditor.showDialog (ScriptResource.axd?d=wYaAc3J2NgVJCu2P39J4xyGaoOdrMcpsgItEXwZ_xZ-mxwwqth9gFwZgQmz64y0L50bOGm0jxdnTOv_b92sCumvlnrhdNCqVSpfDTXuridpdeelSxC1ktLGb8SRXNUQSfAkHpn5XxFbvggex9gxJzw2&t=6e6e42a6:8753)
    at Telerik.Web.UI.Editor.CommandList.FindAndReplace (ScriptResource.axd?d=wYaAc3J2NgVJCu2P39J4xyGaoOdrMcpsgItEXwZ_xZ-mxwwqth9gFwZgQmz64y0L50bOGm0jxdnTOv_b92sCumvlnrhdNCqVSpfDTXuridpdeelSxC1ktLGb8SRXNUQSfAkHpn5XxFbvggex9gxJzw2&t=6e6e42a6:5051)
    at (ScriptResource.axd?d=wYaAc3J2NgVJCu2P39J4xyGaoOdrMcpsgItEXwZ_xZ-mxwwqth9gFwZgQmz64y0L50bOGm0jxdnTOv_b92sCumvlnrhdNCqVSpfDTXuridpdeelSxC1ktLGb8SRXNUQSfAkHpn5XxFbvggex9gxJzw2&t=6e6e42a6:9266)
    at c.RadEditor._onToolClick (ScriptResource.axd?d=wYaAc3J2NgVJCu2P39J4xyGaoOdrMcpsgItEXwZ_xZ-mxwwqth9gFwZgQmz64y0L50bOGm0jxdnTOv_b92sCumvlnrhdNCqVSpfDTXuridpdeelSxC1ktLGb8SRXNUQSfAkHpn5XxFbvggex9gxJzw2&t=6e6e42a6:8619)
    at Array.<anonymous> (ScriptResource.axd?d=drtcXVcvAjvxxGTIp4ks_jsffAtTgDZa7F-xsErOE7x83oPLnSroIDP2Rlpln027LL6pHm8wDFlVd2TfNwyX9tsTD0IfApyfv4p2GRpAUsfag9bRTF3ZhqYQPg2KFASuXMmfKVcURGhOxnF7S60OLuj9cWAWD2oOw-AOIsKJVpoN8aJcHQVfLpfuW8e9J_z70&t=74693645:47)
    at ScriptResource.axd?d=drtcXVcvAjvxxGTIp4ks_jsffAtTgDZa7F-xsErOE7x83oPLnSroIDP2Rlpln027LL6pHm8wDFlVd2TfNwyX9tsTD0IfApyfv4p2GRpAUsfag9bRTF3ZhqYQPg2KFASuXMmfKVcURGhOxnF7S60OLuj9cWAWD2oOw-AOIsKJVpoN8aJcHQVfLpfuW8e9J_z70&t=74693645:3484

Render mode configuration in the web.config

<add key="Telerik.Web.UI.RenderMode" value="Auto" />
It seems, code is looking for FindAndReplace key in this._dialogDefinitions, but it's not there. However, the key FindAndReplaceSettings is there.
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report

With the latest version of Chrome 61 the context menu is not positioning correctly in the treeview. It only happens when the treeview is longer than the window height and there are scrollbars. The EnableScreenBoundaryDetection should be enabled too (it is enabled by default).

Reproduction: see this video for a repro The problem does not happen in the Chrome versions prior 61.

Details and Resolution: 

The context menu positioning problem is due to the following breaking change in Chrome 61 (see release notes at

To align with the spec and preserve browser consistency, the scrollingElement is now the documentElement in standards mode.
Chrome 61 has changed the behavior of document.scrollingElement to return document.documentElement instead of document.body to match the CSSOM View specification and this broke the positioning of the context menu when the EnableScreenBoundaryDetection is enabled.

Solution 1
Place the following override over the RadTreeView declaration:

Telerik.Web.UI.RadMenu._getViewPortSize = function () {
        var viewPortSize = $telerik.getViewPortSize();
        // The document scroll is not included in the viewport size
        // calculation under FF/quirks and Edge.     
        var quirksMode = document.compatMode != "CSS1Compat";
        if (($telerik.isFirefox && quirksMode) || Telerik.Web.Browser.edge) {
            viewPortSize.height += document.body.scrollTop;
            viewPortSize.width += document.body.scrollLeft;
        else if ( {
            viewPortSize.height += Math.max(document.body.scrollTop, document.scrollingElement.scrollTop);
            viewPortSize.width += Math.max(document.body.scrollLeft, document.scrollingElement.scrollLeft);
        return viewPortSize;
<telerik:RadTreeView RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadTreeView2" runat="server">
        <telerik:RadTreeViewContextMenu ID="RadTreeViewContextMenu1"runat="server"  RenderMode="Lightweight">

Solution 2
Set EnableScreenBoundaryDetection to false. This will disable the screen boundary detection and some parts of the context menu could be rendered beneath the browser borders when there isn't enough space to be rendered on the visible screen. You will have to use the browser scrollbars to show the hidden part of the menu.

The issue is scheduled for fixing in R3 2017 SP1, the release date of which is not yet decided. Please use the provided solutions above until the SP1 goes out officially.
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
The Bold, Italic, Underline, Justify, Indent, Outdent and other commands are not localized in the Undo/Redo dropdowns.


Can be seen at 
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Javascript errors are thrown when pie chart with custom skin is loaded. The issue is introduced as of version 2017.1.118.

Code to reproduce:
        <telerik:RadHtmlChart ID="Telerik1" runat="server" Height="250px" Width="250px" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false" Skin="CMS_Black">
            <ChartTitle Text="Financial Aid Status1112">
                    <TextStyle Color="Red" FontSize="12" FontFamily="Verdana" Margin="11" Padding="22"></TextStyle>
                    <telerik:PieSeries Name="TypeMemberCount1" NameField="Name" DataFieldY="Value">
                               #=dataItem.Name#: #=dataItem._Value# (#=dataItem._Percentage#%)
                <Appearance Position="Right" Visible="true">

Code bihind:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Telerik1.DataSource = GetData();

    private DataTable GetData()
        DataTable dt = new DataTable("ChargeData");
        dt.Columns.Add("Id", Type.GetType("System.Int32"));

        dt.Columns.Add("Name", Type.GetType("System.String"));
        dt.Columns.Add("Value", Type.GetType("System.Int32"));
        dt.Columns.Add("_Value", Type.GetType("System.Int32"));
        dt.Columns.Add("_Percentage", Type.GetType("System.Int32"));

        dt.Rows.Add(1, "Item 1", 10, 34, 10);
        dt.Rows.Add(2, "Item 2", 65, 34, 65);
        dt.Rows.Add(3, "Item 3", 25, 34, 25);
        return dt;


    <add key="Telerik.Skin" value="CMS_Black"/>

Ticket 1113172 
Last Updated: 28 Jul 2017 11:30 by ADMIN
Lightweight stylesheets for Grid load background images from; 
Last Updated: 25 Jul 2017 15:39 by ADMIN
Clear content;
Add a table;
Open context menu by selecting a cell in the table;
Open Cell Properties;
Open More cell Styling;
Chose Background color;
Change it and click OK
Click OK in Table Wizard.
Actual: No background color is applied. 
Last Updated: 21 Jul 2017 13:36 by ADMIN
In Development
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Created by: Peter Milchev
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2017 13:21 by ADMIN
Won't Fix
Last Updated: 19 Mar 2019 14:26 by ADMIN
Load in IE this demo:

Enter in HTML mode - <p><a href="stm:b4f0c9ac-9a08-4c9f-8caf-39ccd4a83fc9" class="stm" contenteditable="false">Statement 111</a></p>

Switch to Design mode

Search for Statement with the Find and Replace dialog

The dialog won't be able to locate and highlight the link
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Created by: Peter Milchev
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report

.RadListBox .rlbEmptyMessage {
    font-style: italic;
    text-align: center;
    filter: alpha(opacity=80);
    opacity: .8;
    position: absolute;
Won't Fix
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Last Updated: 30 Nov 2017 10:16 by ADMIN
 I am attaching 2 pictures to show what's happening in version 2017.2.621.  In the newer release I have to set the font & size specifically or the text is larger that the box.  It was not this way on previous releases.
Here is the code  I am using to get it to display properly.  However, it did work (as in picture 1) with out the specific font items before.

<telerik:RadComboBox ID="RCB1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataState" DataTextField="abbreviation" DataValueField="abbreviation" Height="200"  MarkFirstMatch="true" Skin="Office2010Blue" Font-Names="Open Sans" Font-Size=".73em" ForeColor="#64758F" onFocus=""  Width="150px" EmptyMessage="Choose State...">