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One complaint I keep getting from my users is since changing to the “rad scheduler” from “day pilot” they cannot see as much on the screen and need to scroll much more, making it difficult to get an overview. This is when the dates and times are displayed down the left hand side.
I want to be able to create a compact view, 
e.g. currently if I set the DayStartTime to 09:00 and DayEndTime  to 21:00, each day needs to display the same time range, normally events would end by 17:00 but one day they end later so all other days need to show a larger than necessary time range.
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There is an OnClientTimeSlotClick event that fires if the user clicks in a single time slot.

If the user clicks in one time slot and drags to select multiple time slots before releasing the mouse button no event is fired.

It would be useful if the existing event was fired in this case, or another event was added to fire in this case.
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Category: Scheduler
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Functionality requested by a prestigious customer (AIRBUS).
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