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Last Updated: 26 Mar 2020 10:03 by ADMIN
The loaded into the ImageEditor image is not downloaded with its original extension if a query string is added to the end of the image name. It is saved as PNG instead:
Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the code below and open the SaveImage dialog
2. Chose the "Download image" option and click OK
 Result: The image is downloaded as PNG
         <telerik:RadImageEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadImageEditor1" runat="server"
            ImageUrl="~/images_1/test.jpg?test123" Width="100%" Skin="Silk">
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Images in a RadEditor can be resized two ways:

1. Using the image properties dialog and keying in width/height. The aspect ratio can be locked here so that keying in width updates height accordingly, and vice versa.

2. Clicking and dragging the resize handles. This does not maintain the aspect ratio of the image, even when the aspect ratio lock option is enabled in the image properties dialog.

Request: That the image aspect ratio lock option in the image properties dialog applies when dragging the resize handles.

Last Updated: 16 Mar 2020 07:46 by ADMIN
There are no issues when the user makes changes to the imported Blank XLSX document.
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2020 09:13 by ADMIN

Add ability to define common layout template for the ImageGallery LightBox popup, allowing to define common layout for all image items (including buttons, toolbar, etc.)

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Created by: Van
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Category: FileExplorer
Type: Bug Report
The folder pane scrolling position is not persisted when the first child folder is selected.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/fileexplorer/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx
2. Add several folders to the last node
3. Scroll down to the bottom and select the first child folder of the last node
Result: The tree is scrolled to top.
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Created by: Dan
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report

When opening in MS Edge the Table Wizard, the items in Table Layouts tab, Select Table Style dropdown are not populated



As a temporary workaround, you can use the attached script and loaded to the DialogsScriptFile property of the Editor:

<telerik:RadEditor runat="server" DialogsScriptFile="~/dialogscript.js"></telerik:RadEditor>


Last Updated: 05 Mar 2020 16:32 by ADMIN
The horizontal scrollbar is not visible in iOS when the grid is empty.

Code to reproduce the problem:
        html, body, body > form {
            height: 100%;
            padding: 0;
            margin: 0;
        <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" Width="100%"
                <Scrolling AllowScroll="true" />
            <MasterTableView Width="1500px">

    protected void RadGrid1_NeedDataSource(object sender, Telerik.Web.UI.GridNeedDataSourceEventArgs e)
        (sender as RadGrid).DataSource = GetData();

    private object GetData()
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();

        //dt.Rows.Add(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8);

        return dt;
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Created by: david
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Category: MediaPlayer
Type: Feature Request

Provide keyboard support for the MediaPlayer.

Some of the occurring problems are:

  • It is not clear how to get focus on the control, we assigned an accesskey="T" but  alt-t doesn't give focus (we have  a radmenu on the same page with an accesskey="M" which works fine)
  • The tab key sometimes does not work.

Keyboard navigation is required for 508 accessibility support. Generally the space bar is used to start/stop video and tabs are used to access the playbar features like expand, vol and CC

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2020 12:47 by ADMIN

When items with different values have the same text, a postback is not triggered when selecting another item with the same text as the current selection. The workaround is to place the following script under the ScriptManager:

Telerik.Web.UI.RadMultiColumnComboBox.prototype._shouldPostbackOnChange = function myfunction() {
    return true;

Reproduction code:

<telerik:RadMultiColumnComboBox ID="RadMultiColumnComboBox1" DataKeyNames="Additional" runat="server" DropDownWidth="Auto" AutoPostBack="true" >
    <ClientEvents OnSelect="OnSelect" />
        <%--<telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="ID"></telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn>--%>
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="Name"></telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn>
        <telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn Field="Additional"></telerik:MultiColumnComboBoxColumn>
    function OnSelect(sender, args) {
        //alert("selection changed");
    // Workaround
    Telerik.Web.UI.RadMultiColumnComboBox.prototype._shouldPostbackOnChange = function myfunction() {
        return true;

public class MyClass
    public int ID { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string Additional { get; set; }
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!IsPostBack)
        RadMultiColumnComboBox1.DataSource = Enumerable.Range(1, 20).Select(x => new MyClass()
            ID = x,
            Name = "Same Item text" ,
            Additional = "DataKey#" + x
        RadMultiColumnComboBox1.DataTextField = "Name";
        RadMultiColumnComboBox1.DataValueField = "ID";



Last Updated: 04 Mar 2020 10:46 by ADMIN
Created by: Christian
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Category: Theme Builder
Type: Feature Request

Missing controls are: 

  • PivotGrid
  • MultiColumnComboBox
  • MultiSelect
  • Drawer
  • Chat
  • PdfViewer
Last Updated: 28 Feb 2020 14:10 by ADMIN

Replicated when the ClickToOpen is enabled: 

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { RadGrid1.HeaderContextMenu.ClickToOpen = true; }

WORKAROUND: Loading the following script under the script manager

    var original = Telerik.Web.UI.GridColumn.prototype._onContextMenuItemClicking;
    Telerik.Web.UI.GridColumn.prototype._onContextMenuItemClicking = function (sender, args) {
        original.call(this, sender, args);
        var item = args.get_item();
        var itemValue = item.get_value();
        if (itemValue == "FilterList" || itemValue == "FilterMenuContainer" ||
            itemValue == "AggregatesContainer" || itemValue == "FilterMenuParent" || itemValue == "ColumnsContainer" ||
            (Telerik.Web.UI.RadMenuItem.isInstanceOfType(item.get_parent()) && item.get_parent().get_value() == "ColumnsContainer")) {
            if (sender.get_clickToOpen()) {





Last Updated: 24 Feb 2020 09:42 by ADMIN

We are using CDN and combined scripts as much as possible, and have run into an issue with the RadEditor and applying custom CSS Classes break, e.g. the applied CSS class on the selected content gets stripped for example from 





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Created by: n/a
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Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Are there any plans to introduce Word-compatible comments, which can be viewed in Word using the "review" Office functionality? Or at least the ability to preserve comments after exporting to Word and then back to html?
Last Updated: 17 Feb 2020 15:08 by ADMIN
Endless Loading screen is shown over RadPane when the set_showContentDuringLoad(false) method before changing the contentUrl of a RadPane (which is already showing another external page).

Workaround: Set the ShowContentDuringLoad="false" property of the RadPane in the markup initially


Code to reproduce the bug:

            function loadNewPage() {
                var contentPane = $find("RadPane2");
        <telerik:RadSplitter ID="RadSplitter1" runat="server" Width="100%" Orientation="Horizontal" Height="800px">
            <telerik:RadPane ID="RadPanel1" runat="server" Height="30px">
                <asp:Button Font-Italic="true" runat="server" Text="Load New Page" OnClientClick="loadNewPage(); return false;" />
            <telerik:RadPane ID="RadPane2" runat="server" ContentUrl="https://www.wikipedia.com">

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2020 12:46 by ADMIN

When trying to drag and drop an appointment over the All Day slot, the ghost element is not positioned properly. This is easily observed when the browser is zoomed.

Replicated on the Overview demo

Last Updated: 14 Feb 2020 11:40 by ADMIN
Created by: Sanjay
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request



I would like to use airbrush function in ImageEditor control.

Anyone can help my requirement??

Pl. I need this function very urgent.



Jiten Mutum

Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 17:07 by ADMIN
Unable to drag and drop in ThumbnailMode when browser zoom level is 90% in Chrome. the problem can be reproduced here:
2. Witch to Thumbnails mode
3. Zoom out the browser to 90%
4. Drag a thumb from the ListView to the TreeView (right to left)
Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 13:35 by ADMIN
Created by: Fredrik
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Category: HtmlChart
Type: Feature Request
Add all ClientSettings to the values saved in the HtmlChart's ViewState.
Last Updated: 27 Jan 2020 15:17 by ADMIN
Created by: Doug
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Category: HtmlChart
Type: Bug Report
The XAxis.MajorGridLines of the chart YAxis are always visible as of 2020.1.114
Code to reproduce the issue:
<telerik:RadHtmlChart ID="RequestsMonthChart" runat="server" Height="500">
    <ClientEvents OnLoad="chartLoad" />
            <telerik:ColumnSeries Name="Series 1">
                    <telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="30" />
                    <telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="10" />
                    <telerik:CategorySeriesItem Y="20" />
        <XAxis Name="Year" DataLabelsField="Month">
            <LabelsAppearance RotationAngle="-35" />
            <MajorGridLines Visible="false" />
            <MinorGridLines Visible="false" />
                <telerik:AxisItem LabelText="Item 1" />
                <telerik:AxisItem LabelText="Item 2" />
                <telerik:AxisItem LabelText="Item 3" />
            <MajorGridLines Visible="false" />
            <MinorGridLines Visible="false" />
        <Appearance Visible="true" Position="Bottom" Width="500" />
    <ChartTitle Text="Requests Received by Month" />
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