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See online demo:


Steps to reproduce (seen in Chrome and Edge):

- Click the "x" on the 2nd to last record on page 1 to mark it for deletion  (Click "OK" at the prompt)

- Click "Add new record" button



 - the record marked for deletion moves up by one record (but fortunately it appears the correct record will actually get deleted upon Saving)

 - a blank new record is creating correctly


If you repeat this procedure but choose a different record for deletion you can see it is functioning correctly.


I am seeing the same behaviour in my own project.

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Hi all,


I saw an error File/Dir not found 404 on your demo as attached picture.


How to fixed error File/Dir not found 404 by drag and drop folder(s) after I clicked open it?

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Created by: Vasssek
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Category: Input
Type: Bug Report


I have problem with typing into RadMaskedTextBox. I detected that problem is causing MaxLength property. In IE11, Chrome and Firefox, everything is working fine, but in Edge user couldn't type text into input.

<telerik:RadMaskedTextBox ID="txt_PFR1" runat="server" Width="110px" TabIndex="1" 
                                                    MaxLength="5" Mask="PFRaa">

Result text should be PFR and two characters, e.g. PFR12 or PFRaX, or... 

I suppose that this property is useless in this control instead of RadTextBox. Could you please remove it, if it doesn't have any other usage purpose ?




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We suspect a bug of Telerik controls:


Bug of Telerik: PageView.set_contentUrl(MyUrl) method - call MyUrl twice if RadTabStrip and RadMultiPage is inside RadAjaxPanel control. Firefox only.


It enter here two times:


If try it in chrome - request goes only one time.

If remove RadAjaxPanel - also request goes only one time.


Is it bug of your Controls?

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Created by: product
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
In GridTableView.cs, you provide a function
 protected virtual GridTableView CreateTableView() (Line 7828).
This function can be overloaded to return derived classes from GridTableView.

But, this is not overloadable completely. Because you create a GridTableView directly in protected void BuildDetailTablesFromDataSource() (Line 8808), too.
There you would have to call a virtual creator function, too.

This is necessary, because I have a lot of Trouble with your DataBind which I was able to fix with an overload. It is much to hard to make this bug visible for you, I really tried to do so already, but I had to fix this that way, because your GridTableView without my derivation fails in our szenario.

The call stack for that problem, I'd had to fix, is always like:
Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. ---> System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Cannot find column CheckSum.
                  at System.Data.DataTable.ParseSortString(String sortString)
                  at System.Data.DataView.set_Sort(String value)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridEnumerableFromDataView.PerformTransformation()
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridEnumerableFromDataView.TransformEnumerable()
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.GetEnumerator(Boolean useDataSource, GridEnumerableBase resolvedDataSource, ArrayList dataKeysArray, Boolean shouldClearDataKeys)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.CreateControlHierarchy(Boolean useDataSource)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.CreateChildControls(IEnumerable dataSource, Boolean useDataSource)
                  at System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeDataBoundControl.PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable data)
                  at System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl.OnDataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable data)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.PerformSelect()
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.DataBind()
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridItemBuilder.BindDetailTable(GridDataItem parentItem, GridTableView cloned)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridItemBuilder.BindDetailTables(GridDataItem parentItem, GridNestedViewItem detailItem)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridItemBuilder.CreateItems(GridGroupingContext group)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.CreateItems(IEnumerator enumerator, GridColumn[] columns, ControlCollection controls)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.CreateControlHierarchy(Boolean useDataSource)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.CreateChildControls(IEnumerable dataSource, Boolean useDataSource)
                  at System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeDataBoundControl.PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable data)
                  at System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl.OnDataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable data)
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.PerformSelect()
                  at Telerik.Web.UI.GridTableView.DataBind()

In that, your DataTableView gets an invalid sort Expression string. Therefore, I overwrote DataBind.

But this is not possible in all cases, if you create GridViewTable() objects on your own.

Best regards
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RadGrid filter command is not triggered for strings containing "and" word.


Steps to reproduce:
Filter by "SUNBAY AND LEONA A" in the following demo:
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The content of RadEditor does not get styled in div mode in IE11. The styling tag is added before the selected content, instead of around it (e.g. strong tag).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open in IE11:
2. Clear whole content and write some new symbols
3. Try to style the new content (e.g. make it bold)
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Created by: Rumen
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
We are current experiencing a whitescreen with Telerik UI Controls for Ajax in chrome browser when the zoom level is less than 100. We observed a white screen instead of the rendered controls within main content area of our masterpage. The masterpage has several sections, header, left, mainconten, right and footer sections all divided by RadSplitter/RadPane controls. I attached a sample solution and screenshots of the observed issue.

Step to Reproduce:

- Open solution in Visual Studio

- Run choosing Chrome Browser

- Resize browser to 90%

- Reload the page


Page is rendered


White screen in the main content area

See attached screenshots
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MissingValue set to Gap or Zero doesn't work in RadHtmlChart with ScatterLineSeries.

Interpolation is done instead.

              <telerik:RadHtmlChart runat="server">
                            <telerik:ScatterLineSeries Name="Test" DataFieldX="XValue"
                                DataFieldY="YValue" MissingValues="Gap">
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="1" Y="8" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="2" Y="9" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="3" Y="4" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="4" Y="6" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="5" Y="7" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="8" Y="1" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="9" Y="5" />
                                    <telerik:ScatterSeriesItem X="10" Y="4" />

The workaround described in the following link doesn't work either :

Can you please fix this bug ?

Thanks and regards.
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Created by: JF
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Bug Report
I have two lines that was set to a certain height,

Each time I save the sheet, those two lines expand by 8 pixels.

Does anyone are reading those bug reports?
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The agregate sum value shown in the bottom of the TreeList columns displays bigger sum than the actual one (it seems that the child items values are also taken into consideration).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open

2. Check the sum shown in the Population column

Actual: It shows 10,702,470,081.00

Expected: It should be 6,464,732,588.00
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Created by: Ruth
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Category: Button
Type: Bug Report
Just updated the controls and as usual got bitten by the change.  Very simple, we had a button that changed colors based on a change in an edit page.  The Button remained a White Color if nothing was entered, a Green Color if the fields were all correct and a Red Color if the fields were in error.  The determining factor is all behind the seen analysis on a save which has nothing to do with the Button.  Code behind the scenes sets a db value for the status of the Button. We know that the status is being set correctly because activity allowed or disallowed occurs correctly and that the DB settings having been checked are 100% correct as well.

There are seven Buttons with 7 Entry Pages that are affected and the users are totally confused when there is no visual direction as to the problem.

How do we Fix the Button to change Colors
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Checkbox buttons are missing when ToggleType='CustomToggle' in Lightweight rendering. The issue is introduced in 2017 R1 release.

Code to reproduce:
        <telerik:RadButton runat="server" ID="btnEnableTrace" RenderMode="Lightweight"
            ButtonType="ToggleButton" ToggleType="CustomToggle">
                <telerik:RadButtonToggleState PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleCheckbox"></telerik:RadButtonToggleState>
                <telerik:RadButtonToggleState PrimaryIconCssClass="rbToggleCheckboxChecked"></telerik:RadButtonToggleState>
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Created by: Igor
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Category: TagCloud
Type: Bug Report
When Telerik CDN is enabled, the RadTagCloud control is not able to get (error 404)
href=" href="
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I skipped the 3rd quarter 2016 update (2016.3.1027) for my copy of Telerik UI for ASP.NET.AJAX, since we were in code lock down at that time. 

 Later i installed the 4th quarter version (2016.4.1021.0)

Now, I still get a notice to install the previous version  (2016.3.1027) that I skipped.

That's annoying, and probably not possible. Right?

Is there anything we can do about this situation?

Thanks in advance
Tommy Heath
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Created by: Kaarthic
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
I have added Listview in Header template in Template column, its showing the data on the grid as expected. When I am exporting to Excel or PDF its not exporting the header. Header you see in headertemplate.jpg is not exporting to PDF

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Created by: Wei Dong
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Category: Ajax
Type: Bug Report
Hi guy,

      I want use alert function in radajaxmanager,  After i  set  radajaxmanager.alert, if code is running it ,page will pop-up a window. but this window is not middle positon in current page.
How can i  solve this question.thanks.

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I am getting the below issue on button click.Its working fine in all browsers ,but not in Edge.Please help.

Microsoft Edge SCRIPT65535: Argument not optional

It is saying grid is not available.
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Created by: John
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Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
When part of a table from MS Excel is copied and pasted into RadEditor under Edge, the RadEditor inserts an image instead of the html for the table. It inserts <img alt="" src="data:image/png;base64, ... " /> instead of the html. IE 11, Chrome and Firefox all paste the html in the RadEditor but MS Edge pastes as an image. Is there a way for the radeditor to override this so the html is pasted instead of an image?
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