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Issue 1 - Items in ListBox missing and/or cut off.
Issue 2 - Incorrect highlighting
Issue 3 - Moving items sometimes doesn't work
Issue 4 - Scrolling of items scrolls the whole page instead (sometimes)
Issue 5 - Bottom ListBox cut off (Chrome dev tools, iPhone 5/SE)
Issue 6 - Scrolling in ListBox sometimes selects items
Issue 7 - Sometimes items in the Listboxes cannot be selected at all. (Intermittent)
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I have a few instances where I need OnClientSelectedIndexChanging inorder to stop the listbox selectedIndexChanged event from posting back in certain cases. In those cases I stop it from posting back by setting the e.set_cancel(true);

function CheckForListBoxReorder_OnClientEvent(sender, e) {
    if (ListboxReordered()) {
        alert('Please save changes to the bus order.');

This works very nicely, but I'm getting many errors because although it looks like it's still selected to the proper row in the listbox the selectedIndex is now -1.
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Now, in WCF binding we return RadListBoxItemData collection which is not consistent with RadComboBox and RadDropDownList controls where we use RadControlNameData object.
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