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Created by: Don Leduc
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I have a big problem here. I have the following code and this code is launched in RadWindow as well:

<telerik:RadTabStrip runat="server" ID="RadTabStrip2" MultiPageID="RadMultiPage2" SelectedIndex="0">
        <telerik:RadTab Text="Add Response"></telerik:RadTab>
<telerik:RadMultiPage runat="server" ID="RadMultiPage2" SelectedIndex="0">
    <telerik:RadPageView runat="server" ID="RadPageView11">
            <telerik:RadEditor Width="100%" EditModes="Design" ID="reReqCom" runat="server"  ContentAreaCssFile="~/AppRoot/Xml/RadEditor/EditorContentArea.css"
                ToolsFile="~/AppRoot/Xml/RadEditor/BasicTools.xml" Skin="Material" />

The problem here is only using the iPhone (ioS), that the user is NOT able to select onto the RadEditor to begin typing. Seems to somehow block it out. I have stripped down to the basic code above and tested.

Can you tell us if this is a known issue?

Is there a workaround?


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I have a problem with the deletecommand of the radgrid control (Telerik.Web.UI 2019.1.215.40).

This happens only in the latest release of Chrome.

I hope you can replicate this issue and eventually fix it. 

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When the ribbon bar is set to RibbonBarFloating, RibbonBarPageTop or RibbonBarShowOnFocus the menus cut off so you can't access menu items that would be displayed below bounds of the ribbon bar.

You can see this happening at:

I have also supplied a snip of the issue.
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Created by: Scott
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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Trying to use a web testing tool (Selenium) and using xpath is not always working.  I was wondering if it would be possible to always add an ID property to controls, especially in drop downs etc. so that it can clicked properly.

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When the DatePicker is with enabled WAI-ARIA support, Jaws reads "link 11" instead of the selected date "Monday, March 11, 2019".
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Created by: Yogesh
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
We are using Telerik Ajax controls in our web site. We need a functionality where user can read a barcoded value using camera device or barcode image on a web page.

We found that Ajax Barcode control has only Barcode generator functionality.

Is there a way we can read barcode value on web site?
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Created by: MikeK
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request

We could use a new calendar control that works differently than the scheduler, or any existing calendar control. 

Overview of features and how it would work:

  • User selects a month, the calendar auto draws the month as a calendar view with options to set day of week as short, medium or full length.
  • The calendar has an input field which can handle validation if needed. Validation example:
    • Only accept integers
    • In logic, if X = Whatever, then only allow input value of 1.

  • Treat as an array so we could loop through the control and read each value for saving to database or to take action on from code.

  • Example shown below. This is dynamically creating using tables and HTML. Not the nicest looking, and a pain to reuse anywhere. We could make use of this type of control in a lot of applications.




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I am exporting all the appointments using the RadScheduler's Export Calendar functionality (RadScheduler.ExportToICalendar(apptCollection, true)). 

I have the scheduler working with both regular and recurring appointments in my project with RadScheduler along with different timezone for each of the appointments within the scheduler properly. 

However, when I export the same through the above API as an ICS file, I am seeing that the date time is always coming out as UTC on recurring events giving me the wrong results in Outlook. 
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After the alert was confirmed, a Post Back is expected which does not happen due to a JavaScript exception: Cannot read property 'toString' of null
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Created by: Suwandi
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
i have a feature request

- Image map input

Based mapify,js sample below :

I have use it before, storing areas and values in the databases, but the output is hyperlink.

I want it as input control that have selectedvalue property, i want server side value as the result. Maybe i can borrow hiddenfield or something. But it's wasting time.

Please, add image control input into your collection. It's very usefull i guess.
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Bug introduced in build 2019.1.115+ causes 3 extra <p>&nbsp;</p> when user presses Enter key in FireFox.  Happens when Editor is in a Wizard with more than one step.  Bug does not occur in builds prior to 2019.1.115.

Try this to reproduce:

 <telerik:RadWizard runat="server" ID="rwMain" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderColor="LightGray" BorderWidth="1px" RenderMode="Lightweight" DisplayNavigationButtons="True">
            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="RadWizardStep2" Title="Content Template" StepType="Step">
            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="RadWizardStep3" Title="Content Editor" StepType="Step">
                <telerik:RadEditor ID="ContentEditor" runat="server" RenderMode="Lightweight"></telerik:RadEditor>
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<telerik:RadNumericTextBox ID="RadNumericTextBox2" runat="server" MaxValue="9223372036854775807" Value="545445456456465454">
    <NumberFormat AllowRounding="false" DecimalDigits="0" />

MaxValue property is set to use the maximum value of int64: 9223372036854775807

Original value introduced is: 545445456456465454

Value becomes:  545445456456465000

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This can be reproduced with the following sample:

<telerik:RadWindow runat="server" ID="RadWindowWithEditor" Height="1000px" OnClientShow="fixEditor"
        <telerik:RadEditor RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadEditor1" Width="700px" Height="700px">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
<asp:Button ID="Button5" Text="open the RadWindow" runat="server" />
<script type="text/javascript">
    function fixEditor() {
        setTimeout(function () {
            $find("<%=RadEditor1.ClientID %>").onParentNodeChanged();
        }, 100);


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Created by: Dan Avni
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
When resizing a column in RTL, expectation is to use the left side of a column to expand/shrink it. Instead I have to use the right side. Grabbing the left side resizes the next column on the left and is very confusing for people who are used to think in RTL
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Some of the arrows in the Mobile Menu are missing in Chrome

<telerik:RadMenu ID="RadMenu1" RenderMode="Mobile" runat="server" ></telerik:RadMenu>

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadMenu1.RenderMode = RenderMode.Mobile;
    RadMenu1.Width = 300;
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
        var radmenuItem = new RadMenuItem();
        radmenuItem.Text = "demo radmenu item " + i.ToString();
        for (int j = 0; j < 10; j++)
            var radmenuItemChild = new RadMenuItem();
            radmenuItemChild.Text = "demo radmenu item child " + j.ToString();
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Created by: Chris
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Currently the set_value() method of the RadNumericTextBox throws an exception if null is passed to it as value while having the AllowOutOfRangeAutoCorrect property is set to true. This does not happen if the AllowOutOfRangeAutoCorrect is left as default (false).

Last Updated: 12 Feb 2019 16:15 by ADMIN

When attempting to view the page in design view, here's what it looks like:


Here is the markup:

    <telerik:RadPanelBar ID="RadPanelBar1" runat="server">
            <telerik:RadPanelItem runat="server" Expanded="True" PreventCollapse="true">
                    <div ID="content-header">
                        Auditing Report | GPO Changes For User
                    <div ID="content-body">
                        <telerik:ReportViewer ID="ReportViewer1" runat="server" ReportBookID="" Width="100%" Height="12in">

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Created by: Panayotis
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
GridAttachmentColumn malforms the String filepath, from "C\SomePath\SomeFile.PDF" to something like "C:" & vbBack &"SomePathSomeFile.PDF"

Steps to reproduce the error:

DataSource Bound to grid:

Private Function SomeTable() As DataTable
    Dim dt As New DataTable()
    dt.Columns.Add(New DataColumn("FieldName", Type.GetType("System.String")))
    row("FieldName") = "C:\SomeDirectory\RadGridExport.pdf"
    Return dt
End Function

GridAttachmentColumn markup as well as the ObjectDataSource that returns a byte array when user clicks on download attachment:

<telerik:GridAttachmentColumn DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource1"
    HeaderText="Attachment Column"
    ItemStyle-Width="36px" >
<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" SelectMethod="MySelectMethod" TypeName="MyApp">
        <asp:Parameter Name="FieldName" Type="String" />

MyApp.MySelectMethod that is supposed access the file by "filePath" and read it to byte, but the filePath is malformed, hence throws an exception.

Public Class MyApp
    <DataObjectMethodAttribute(DataObjectMethodType.Select, True)>
    Public Function MySelectMethod(filePath As String) As DataTable
        Dim dt As New DataTable("Base")
        Dim col As New DataColumn("FieldName")
        col.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Byte[]")
        Dim row As DataRow = dt.NewRow
        row(0) = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllBytes(filePath)
        Return dt
    End Function
End Class

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Created by: Etra
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Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Is it possible to show only year options using MonthYearPicker? I would like to show a YearPicker.