Alfred Ruffner

true c# indexing of dataset / table / rows needs work .... they come out as function () instead of []

true c# indexing of dataset / table / rows needs work .... they come out as function () instead of []
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roy bartels

Converting c# event handlers to RemoveHandler and AddHandler

Although this problem was marked as done on 09 August 2013, when testing it with the following code it did not correctly convert the key down event handlers.

void radGridView1_CellEditorInitialized(object sender, GridViewCellEventArgs e)


GridSpinEditor editor = e.ActiveEditor as GridSpinEditor;

if (editor != null)


GridSpinEditorElement element = editor.EditorElement as GridSpinEditorElement;

element.InterceptArrowKeys = false;

element.KeyDown -= new KeyEventHandler(element_KeyDown);

element.KeyDown += new KeyEventHandler(element_KeyDown);



void element_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)


if (e.KeyData == Keys.Up)




if (e.KeyData == Keys.Down )




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Gary Rusher


m_callbackType = DirectCast(_a(0), ServiceContractAttribute).CallbackContract

converted to C#

m_callbackType == ((ServiceContractAttribute)_a(0)).CallbackContract

Should be

m_callbackType == ((ServiceContractAttribute)_a[0]).CallbackContract
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Rbenutzer Muehsam

KeyPressEvent and check for keys.enter

private void txtName_KeyPress(object sender, KeyPressEventArgs e)
if ((Keys)e.KeyChar == Keys.Enter)
//Do something

will be converted wrong. A working solution for VB.NET would be:

Private Sub txtName_KeyPress(sender As Object, e As KeyPressEventArgs)
If e.KeyChar = Convert.ToChar(Keys.Return) Then
' Do something
End If
End Sub
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Rbenutzer Muehsam

String array with multiple content, separated by comma

var reservedWords = new[]
"CON", "PRN", "AUX",

will be wrongly converted. A working solution for VB.NET would be:

Dim reservedWords() As String = {"CON", "PRN", "AUX"}
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Aleksander Jakubowski

how about converting to java ?

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Marko Mijuskovic

conversion of nullable DateTime type from VB to C# is broken

If I have a VB property defined as:

Public Property LastEditedOn As DateTime?

the conversion to C# fails because of the DateTime? definition. If I remove the question mark it works fine. Here is the video proof:

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Eric Burdo

tostring and square brackets issues

I converted from VB to C#.

1) The ToString function in C# needs parantheses... these are not added by the converted.

2) There are many instances where square brackets are used... and not parens. The converter gets these wrong.

My example was:

Dim sID As String = e.Item.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues(e.Item.ItemIndex)("NominationEntryID").ToString

Converted to this (borked code):

string sID = e.Item.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues(e.Item.ItemIndex)("NominationEntryID").ToString;

Not this (working code):

string sID = e.Item.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[e.Item.ItemIndex]["NominationEntryID"].ToString();
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Bret Pelkey

When converting C# default property use new VB default property format

public int EmployeeSize { get; set; }
Convert to new VB default format:
Public Property EmployeeSize() As Integer

not old long format of:
Public Property EmployeeSize() As Integer
Return m_EmployeeSize
End Get
m_EmployeeSize = Value
End Set
End Property
Private m_EmployeeSize As Integer
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Stuart Lucas

virtual attributes

When converting c# virtual attributes. It converts both the VB property to overridable (good) and the underlying private (encapsulated) attribute to overridable causing a syntax error in VB.
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