Idmr support

provide printable documentation

provide printable documentation in additon to the online view. I like to read api documentation to get a general understanding before i start writing code, and doing on screen hurts the eyes, in addtiond printed documentation i can take with me on a flight
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Boschi Cristiano

Capture screenshot in simulator for IOS and Android

platform is great, but i request this feature if it is possible.
When i publish app, i need screenshots of usage for all the resolution (ios and android).
It is possible to capture it in simulator or create them in automatic mode (like assets)?
Thanks a lot
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Dominik Schenk

Add advanced features for Package Manager (Bower)

The current bower support is nice but it lacks some features.
it would be nice if following would be possible - as this would make it extremely powerful):
- Version selection (bower install <package>#<version>)
- GitHub shorthand (bower install desandro/masonry)
- Git endpoint (bower install git://
- URL bower install

this would allow us more freedom in changing library's and we would not be restricted to registered package only.
Feature Request by Dominik Schenk Status: Approved Comments: 3 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-04-26T18:45:57 by Sean Akers
Jandieg Barcla

Isolated Local Storage per AppBuilder project

Allow each AppBuilder project to have an isolated LocalStorage.
Since common value names as "user" or "token" are used across projects, things get messed up when you are debugging 2 or more projects simultaneously since all apps will use the same simulator storage.
In fact on real world, local storage is isolated by domain, same must do the simulator but by project.
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暴力书生 wang


Please add UWP sdk
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Build Xamarin application on the cloud, like how we can build in appbuilder a mobile app for IOS, Android or windows phone

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Pete Oliver-Krueger

Simulator Hardware Button Events

Could you make the hardware buttons on the simulators clickable? For example, if I hit the "menu" or "back" buttons on the hardware bevel of the Android phone or Tablet in the simulator, it'd be great to have that fire the "menubutton", "backbutton", and "searchbutton" events that we listen to on those platforms.
Feature Request by Pete Oliver-Krueger Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-04-05T13:13:19 by Brad Hayes
Doug Thompson

devices missing
I am following this video, and the android bridge sees my device, but when in AppBuilder the device (LG G2) is not shown. Using win7 64bit and Vs2013.
Whats wrong?
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Prakash Patel


Current Telerik Push Plugin does not supports full text ( push message), specially when the message is more than 2 lines on Android devices.

Also, It would be better if push notifications can supports HTML tags. That way we can add links tag or other HTML format.

Feature Request by Prakash Patel Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2016-03-29T15:44:41 by Prakash Patel
Brian Preece

mac desktop client (beta)

Using the browser client, I could detect when I was running in the simulator in JavaScript by this code:
if (window.navigator.simulator === true)
This allowed me to put in testing code for items that only worked on the device, like the bar code reader. However, this code does not work in the new Mac desktop client. Unfortunately, the very first thing my app does is to get some configuration data from a QR code, so I can't test in the simulator at all. Is there some equivalent test? Otherwise the Mac desktop client would be my preferred client, as it has some great functionality the browser client doesn't have, particularly the new "connected devices" window
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