David Kennedy

where are my apps?!

I upgraded the Windows IDE and all of my apps are gone! Where are my un-migrated apps? ?? I would've avoided upgrading if I had know this would be the result...even temporarily. I rely on this site and product to manage code used for apps on the Apple, Google and Amazon appstores-- now I cannot edit them in your product???!

I just recently "upgraded" to cost $100 more per month-- the last thing I would've expected was this kind of issue...less functionality, confusing change, loss of content. Really bad!

I hope this is responded to quickly-- especially as I am now paying the full price for I've been using Telerik software for several years and this is my first opportunity to see how Progress treats it customers. I am hopeful this will be positive.

Please help me -

David Kennedy
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Nathan Ruben

Unable to clone app from existing repository

I have a repository URI of the following:


The validation for a git repository declares the invalid, even though it is perfectly acceptable. Please change this, or you product will not work for our company.
Feedback by Nathan Ruben Status: New Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-07-26T19:48:23 by Nathan Ruben
Aaron Lind

Hybrid Mobile App Date and Time controls match Kendo UI Style

I would like to be able to use the HTML Date and Time controls but have them automatically take on the look/feel of the styles provided by Kendo UI, including the native look and feel. Currently if you use these control that do not look good with a mix of other controls on a form. These HTML controls respond in a more app manner, that is you select values from the drawer that opens at the bottom of the screen instead of using the control like a web control.
Feature Request by Aaron Lind Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-07-25T18:53:02 by Aaron Lind
John Howell

Way to speed up opening Visual Studio

When using the Telerik UI for WPF, it can take a terribly long time to open a solution in Visual Studio 2015. The dialog window says that it's loading the toolbox with the controls. The reason it's a problem is that I noticed it said it was loading the Silverlight controls and I don't use Silverlight in this application. It's also a very small app so it should not take much time to load.
Feedback by John Howell Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-07-21T01:45:01 by John Howell
Manuel Pieke

Change order of the fields/columns of a content type in backend services

The columns in the tables that display the content types within the backend services can only be shown and hidden but the order cannot be changed.
Also a change of ordering in the edit dialog of the content type would be great.
Feedback by Manuel Pieke Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2016-07-12T13:18:24 by Heikki Lahtela
Kaloyan Kotorov

AppBuilder should produce x86 Android builds

As a client, I would like to produce x86 Android builds for devices and Emulators. At this stage, the cloud build produces only ARM packages.
Feature Request by Kaloyan Kotorov Status: New Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-07-11T19:58:52 by Sergei Serdyuk
Tina Stancheva
Team Member

Simplify the process of recreating a Telerik Platform app

To create a new Telerik app as a copy of an existing Telerik app is difficult.

I know how to do it following their instructions via exporting a zip of the old app and then importing that zip into a new app, but there are many steps and it's tedious (plus as Telerik evolves the steps change and then you have to re-learn the process).

I believe there is a means to do it via the built-in Telerik version control, but that does not look simple either.

It would be nice if the Telerik process for adding a new app offered the option to create the app as a copy of an existing app. A one step process that did not require the user to go to the documentation to learn a multi-step process which requires some technical expertise to implement.
Feedback by Tina Stancheva Status: New Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-07-11T17:23:15 by Gordon Duddridge
java designer

appbuilder font size makes it impossible to use

The very basic, very first thing in any texteditor is ability to change the damn font size!

Appbuilder is unusable with ultra tiny fonts. Why on earth would you not allow one to boose the font size ? There is no way to do this in either the web or the universal client (os x).

What a piece of shit!
Feature Request by java designer Status: New Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-07-11T09:26:33 by Todor Totev
Sebastian Janning

responsive design for pie charts (use less whitespace)

PLEASE adjust or let me adjust this unnecessary whitespace when using a pie chart. It is really annoying.
Feedback by Sebastian Janning Status: New Comments: 1 Attachments: 1 Category: Analytics Last update: 2016-06-29T13:27:37 by Eigil Rosager Poulsen
Boschi Cristiano

Automatic update of id when call updateRegistration

there is this problem with association device-->userId
This is step:
-App start and register device (now no userID now)
-User login, i call setAutorization and updateRegistration and system set userID for the device.
-When user Logout, i call everlive.authentication.clearAuthorization() and updateRegistration for dissociate userID.

The update registration don't dissociate userID and user continue to receive targeting notification for old user

This is an error because, i must deregister and register user avery time open the app.

optimal behavior would be that every time call the registration of the device , if it is already present , the system checks if the user is the same as the database or is another / logout and update it. Or, if it change, ehwn call update registration, userId change automatically
In this way , there would be no need to do every time the unregister
Feature Request by Boschi Cristiano Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2016-06-23T10:04:50 by Boschi Cristiano
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