John DeVight

Better Log Messages

I was trying out the phonegap localStorage but it didn't seem to work. I wasn't getting any feedback from Icenium or the simulator and had no idea what the problem was.

After several minutes of trying various things, I finally noticed the following Log message:

Simulator: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL at index.html (line: 1)

I finally tracked it down to a syntax issue in the JavaScript file. I had the following line of code:

window.localStorage.setItem("name", {"firstname" : "John", "lastname" : "DeVight" });

and it should have been:

window.localStorage.setItem("name", JSON.stringify({"firstname" : "John", "lastname" : "DeVight" }));

First, Icenium needs to provide some sort of clear visual indication that there is a Log message with an error. Maybe a red "X" on the corner of the Log icon.

Second, the Log message was cryptic. If I'm going to do real development, I need log messages that are going to help me track down the problem.
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Sean Molam


It would be great if the GeoLocation settings you can tweak in the simulator could also allow you GeoCode and address too instead of trying to work out the Lat/Long?
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