Jeremy Pele

MacOs Support for Test Studio


this question has been asked a few times over the years but hasn't been asked for a while: is there any plan to support Test Studio and Test Studio Mobile on osX?

Been working with Nativescript for a while and this would be great to have this support.

Feature Request by Jeremy Pele Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2017-08-08T19:59:05 by Jeremy Pele
Chun Wah Leung

China CDN for Simulator

When Simulator dialog pops, I found that it is connecting to For some reasons it would not be assessable for user in China. Please consider to add alternative or fallback if that happens.
Feedback by Chun Wah Leung Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2017-07-06T13:21:37 by Chun Wah Leung
Abhishek Kant

Better ListView UI

Trying to use the Table UI (of iPhone) to emulate the ListView. However, very little flexibility is present to change the UI e.g. if I only want checkboxes on all the rows it is very difficult to figure out how to it (assuming it can be done). In addition, given the listviews contain a lot of data it is impractical to edit all the text from a single text box without any indication of what's going where.
Can we get a better ListView UI?
Feedback by Abhishek Kant Status: Rejected Comments: 2 Category: None Last update: 2017-07-04T13:23:24 by Todor Totev
Ilian Iliev

Allow editing .gitignore file

Icenium users need to be able to configure git to ignore ubiquitous, but non-relevant files, such as Thumbs.db or .DS_Store.
Feature Request by Ilian Iliev Status: New Comments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2017-06-28T09:20:59 by David Weinberg
David Weinberg

Version Control for Cloud Code and Cloud Functions

AppBuilder code has integration with version control but not the Business Logic Cloud code for Data and Cloud Functions. It would be helpful to be able to use GitHub to see how code has changed overtime.
Feature Request by David Weinberg Status: New Comments: 3 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2017-06-28T07:53:21 by Kamil Janowski
Ben Emmons

Support AngularJS (and Karma)

AngularJS (, and its associated testing framework called Karma (previously "Testacular"), is gaining in popularity. Please consider supporting the syntax, code creation helpers (similar to, and adding real-time Karma/Jasmine test verification upon code save (similar to how real-time debugging currently works in Graphite):
Idea by Ben Emmons Status: New Comments: 4 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2017-06-23T15:13:57 by swathi chitti
robert heslar

include windows uwp develmnt to nativescript and app builder

Feedback by robert heslar Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2017-06-19T14:20:43 by robert heslar
Steven Jackson

include publisher information in appmanager

I work on a team, with multiple people pushing versions of apps to the app manager and publishing them for testing purposes. It would be nice to see which user uploaded and published any particular version of the app in AppManager. It could be two different people, as well (one to upload, one to publish).

Feature Request by Steven Jackson Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppManager Last update: 2017-06-09T14:40:41 by Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson

appbuilder cli support for unit tests

Would like to be able to run unit tests via appbuilder cli, either standalone or as part of the build process. Have the option to fail the build if the unit tests fail.

Feature Request by Steven Jackson Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2017-06-09T14:37:09 by Steven Jackson
Anton Dobrev
Team Member

TypeScript interface declaration file for the JS SDK

Feature Request by Anton Dobrev Status: In Development Comments: 4 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2017-05-23T08:46:37 by Achille kamkuime
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