Nathan Risto

I accidentally clicked on link that started my trial with the platform. I never actually got to try it.

I accidentally clicked on link that started my trial with the platform. I never actually got to try it.
Feedback by Nathan Risto Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2014-08-01T18:24:53 by Nathan Risto
Scott Wilson

Cordova plugman variables

A new feature to allow variables to be specified in custom plugman compatible plugins as outlined here.

Would be nice for things like API keys.
Idea by Scott Wilson Status: In Development Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2014-07-31T16:09:32 by Rob Lauer
Aaron Thorpe

Managing environment settings and configuration

From here:

Steve mentions there is already a feature request but I couldn't find it.

Details of request:

Within an Icenium project (or perhaps mobile development in general). Is there an automated way of managing configuration settings that may change between environments?

Currently our app has settings such as service URLs to point at out development environment. What we would like is to be able to choose a 'build configuration' or similar and have the app use a particular set of configuration settings. Currently we would have to manually change the app before deployment to ensure the correct settings are used.
Feature Request by Aaron Thorpe Status: In Development Comments: 2 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2014-07-31T15:56:33 by Rob Lauer
J. Tower

Port a Graphite or Mist project to a Visual Studio project

The new Visual Studio plug-in allows developers to create new Icenium projects in Visual Studio, but it doesn't support an easy way to import an existing Graphite/Mist project. This can be worked around manually, but it would be nice if there was a more automated way to do it.
Feature Request by J. Tower Status: In Development Comments: 3 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2014-07-31T13:38:10 by Brad Westness
Rebecca Riley

Display Version of App to Users

It would be nice if there was a built-in way to display the Version of the app to users that's found in the AppBuilder project properties. This would be super helpful for troubleshooting.

One of the forums mentioned this plugin:
Feature Request by Rebecca Riley Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2014-07-30T18:07:54 by Rebecca Riley
David Gerding

AppFeedback Event Lifecycle/Hooks

I'd like to be able to intercept the shake gesture that triggers the AppFeedbak ui. Could you add events that our app can listen for like "before-feedback-show", "feedback-show", "before-feedback-hide" and "feedback-hide"?

Ideally before-feedback-hide and feedback-hide would include the feedback data so we could implement custom behavior at runtime based on user feedback keywords etc...

And can you make sure there is a way to prevent default feedback behavior all together in that mix?

Thanks :)

Dave Gerding
Feature Request by David Gerding Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppFeedback Last update: 2014-07-30T16:08:31 by David Gerding
hasantha gamage

telerik mobile testing currently support only automating ok buttons (click ok button) in a javascript confirm box or javascript prompt box and does not support automating the cancel button of javascript confirm box or javascript prompt box. we see this

At the present time, Telerik mobile testing support only automating OK buttons (clicking OK buttons) in javascript CONFIRM boxes and PROMPT box and does not support automating the CANCEL button of those CONFIRM boxes and PROMPT boxes. We see this as a major limitation and a problem with Telerik mobile testing. Because we must have the ability to automate the CANCEL button since our android hybrid application have a quite lot of those CONFIRM and PROMPT boxes and the need to automate the CANCEL button of these boxes is vital in our company's hybrid mobile test automation approach. Therefore, please provide us this feature as soon as possible.
Feature Request by hasantha gamage Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Mobile Testing Last update: 2014-07-27T17:32:43 by hasantha gamage
Riccardo Di Nuzzo

The backend service ui

Clicking on the Telerik Platform web interface left menu cause post and back's http calls. Use ajax style instead
Feedback by Riccardo Di Nuzzo Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2014-07-25T13:37:42 by Stefan Dobrev
Phil Swartzell


I would like any Feedback to be able to go directly into my Teampulse system so that I can track and assign it.
Feature Request by Phil Swartzell Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppFeedback Last update: 2014-07-15T19:06:32 by Phil Swartzell
J. Tower

Screen Capture Feature in Simulator

Both Google Play and the AppStore require screenshots of your app to submit it, which is difficult to get unless you have physical devices of all the required sizes (e.g., iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, and iPad Retina). The simulator doesn't run at full resolution for these devices, either, so it would be very helpful if there was a screenshot tool in the simulator that output images at the standard device resolutions.
Feature Request by J. Tower Status: In Development Comments: 5 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2014-07-15T12:05:00 by Stefan Dobrev
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