NathanMST Prather

"ipad pro" screenshot

Screenshot feature is awesome. Everything has worked except does it have the ability to upload the "iPad Pro" specs? I can't seem to get this to work...

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İbrahim Emre Selen


I couldn't find a decent Example of using image-cache module, for using with ListView <Image /> ui src attribute.
Could you provide a solid, working example of the proper usage of caching ListView item thumbnail images, in order not to reload thumbnail images on the listView items, from URL again and again, and to prevent latency and blank or default image, on the ListViewItem
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Sebastian Janning

responsive design for pie charts (use less whitespace)

PLEASE adjust or let me adjust this unnecessary whitespace when using a pie chart. It is really annoying.
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Patrick Conroy

photo album step 6 no data tab

Photo Album Step 6. no data tab, no enable data, no data folders :

a. Click on the “Data” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
b. Click the blue “Enable Data” button to enable data storage for your project.
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Ezequiel Villarreal

AppBuilder wont work with HTML5 Audio

Right now I have an app (hybrid) that I'm building on your platform, but now the HTML5 Audio element doesn't work in windows telerik AppBuilder and iOS AB app. A couple days ago was working perfectly fine, but not today. If I test my app using the web telerik platform (online version) using the emulator then works, but no with AppBuilder on Windows.

I contacted the support team, but they told that I am not a "pro" user. I already know that, BUT, I want to report an issue on your platform that affects me right now in my development.... so, I don't think that I need a "pro" account to report an issue.... I'm not asking for help on my project or something like that...

Hope someone fix this.
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Brian Preece

mac desktop client (beta)

Using the browser client, I could detect when I was running in the simulator in JavaScript by this code:
if (window.navigator.simulator === true)
This allowed me to put in testing code for items that only worked on the device, like the bar code reader. However, this code does not work in the new Mac desktop client. Unfortunately, the very first thing my app does is to get some configuration data from a QR code, so I can't test in the simulator at all. Is there some equivalent test? Otherwise the Mac desktop client would be my preferred client, as it has some great functionality the browser client doesn't have, particularly the new "connected devices" window
Feedback by Brian Preece Status: New Comments: 6 Attachments: 1 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2016-02-04T15:05:45 by Brian Preece
Martin Apostolov

Ability to use short-lived or custom lifespan user access token

Adding short-lived access tokens or setting custom shorter lifespan of access tokens will ensure tighter security for apps that require it. Currently the access token lifespan is fixed and is long-lived. The alternative for developers now is to use the before events of the cloud code for data to add check whether the user should be logged out or not based on time since last activity.
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Julien Cousineau

integrate database backend service with a query engine like JackDB ! PLS !

Right now, we have no way to query our database to have some real time insight of our users our just stats about a lot of critical business metric decision.

If you can integrate your backend solution with a query engine like jackdb. I think it will be a win win

Feedback by Julien Cousineau Status: New Comments: 1 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2016-02-02T11:45:09 by Anton Dobrev
Manuel Pieke

Change order of the fields/columns of a content type in backend services

The columns in the tables that display the content types within the backend services can only be shown and hidden but the order cannot be changed.
Also a change of ordering in the edit dialog of the content type would be great.
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Simon Murrell

Push Notification in Desktop Web Browser


Currently the Telerik Backend Services allow for push notifications to mobile devices. It would be nice to include a facility in the push notification engine where you can send notifications to a desktop web browser. So from one call you can also send notifications to a mobile device as well as desktop browser like you have in FaceBook, PushCrew, Twitter, etc. Basically register the user's desktop as a device under the Telerik Backend Services.

Feedback by Simon Murrell Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2016-02-01T17:24:57 by Anton Dobrev
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