Otto Neff

Add longpress Fix Plugin to Marketplace / iOS9 Fix Safari

the new iOS just brought in a new problem with long press / hold...
Maginifier pops up and closes...

I added the plugin in my project and it work straight away....
May consider putting it in the marketplace..

Feedback by Otto Neff Status: New Comments: 1 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2015-10-08T13:27:43 by Rob Lauer
Kaloyan Kotorov

A way to export native projects from AppBuilder

Users should be able to export their AppBuilder projects as native (XCode, Android Studio/Eclipse or VS) solutions. This can be done from the Export a project interface, by requesting the required project type (XCode projects, Android projects or VS solutions).
Feature Request by Kaloyan Kotorov Status: New Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2015-10-08T13:16:48 by Kaloyan Kotorov
Stefan W

Receiving too much e-mails after registering for the free trial

After registering for the free trial you get a load of e-mails asking you whats wrong. That's pretty okay but you really send to much and you really should lower the amount of e-mails sent.
Feedback by Stefan W Status: New Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Category: Telerik Platform Last update: 2015-10-06T13:27:32 by Stefan W
Jon Kragh

debug in visual studio against smulator

I love debugging within visual studio on the device (although it is very quirky). For rapid development I would love to hit breakpoints in visual studio when running in the simulator.
Feedback by Jon Kragh Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2015-10-02T15:58:26 by Rob Lauer
Mohammad Owidat

"word wrap" with "Ctrl+W" shortcut in the text editor

Feature Request by Mohammad Owidat Status: Approved Comments: 0 Category: AppBuilder Last update: 2015-10-02T15:54:55 by Rob Lauer
Chao Zhang

save live sessions for future analysis

Currently the live session only shows the last 15 sessions. It will be nice if you can enlarge this number or even allow me to search by date or installation id etc. I am sure you can save the data somewhere.

Feature Request by Chao Zhang Status: Approved Comments: 2 Category: Analytics Last update: 2015-09-28T11:41:37 by Eigil Rosager Poulsen
Chao Zhang

Events in session is not sorted

The session events are not sorted according to the Runtime. It is hard to read.
Feedback by Chao Zhang Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: Analytics Last update: 2015-09-28T11:38:34 by Eigil Rosager Poulsen
Altium Developer

Show numbers in Feature Values hints

I think previous version of the UI had that ability, when hint for particular day is being shown, number of reported FeatureValue/Timing was reported. That helped to understand more, about user behavior, rather then just relative percentage (some FeatureValues are reported by couple users, and it's hard to make any decisions on that).
Feedback by Altium Developer Status: Approved Comments: 1 Attachments: 1 Category: Analytics Last update: 2015-09-28T11:30:57 by Eigil Rosager Poulsen
Manuel Pieke

Change order of the fields/columns of a content type in backend services

The columns in the tables that display the content types within the backend services can only be shown and hidden but the order cannot be changed.
Also a change of ordering in the edit dialog of the content type would be great.
Feedback by Manuel Pieke Status: New Comments: 0 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2015-09-28T07:30:19 by Anton Dobrev
Andrew Paulson

Duplicate User Authentication Doesn't report Proper Error (no Proper Error)

The Available Error Types in Telerik.Everlive.sdk.Core.Model.Base.ErrorType doesn't describe the situation where when authenticated, and an attempt to reauthenticate before loging out reports a "Wrong Username Or Password" which is incorrect.

Also there's no clear way to tell when the Token has expired. there are available fields but they are not populated correctly. (semi related)

Feedback by Andrew Paulson Status: Approved Comments: 1 Category: Backend Services Last update: 2015-09-23T08:57:31 by Anton Dobrev
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