Steven Hall

Ability to navigate up the DOM tree using Web Query objects.

It's possible to nest queries to drill down the DOM tree but not go up it. Sometimes we have the problem where a uniquely identified element is the child of the actual element I need to access.

Could use XPath, but that doesn't work on IE..
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Large spacing/indentation problems on autoformat

I've just been testing out the Telerik Platform for about a week, and a day or two ago started using the Windows client instead of the browser version. It was working great until I started toying with the Text Editor settings -- just adjusting tab size, font size, and font family. I switched these settings a number of times, but somewhere along the way something went screwy, and now Javascript files have really wonky spacing. A sample screenshot is attached.

I've spent a couple of hours changing lots of different settings and can't get it working. I've also opened the same files in the browser version of AppBuilder and re-auto-formatted them, and it works fine there, so I don't think this is some syntax error in the files that I'm missing (my project also still works in the simulator). The problem is not affecting HTML files.

I've also tried shift-tabbing to eliminate all of the space and then re-auto-formatting, and the spacing goes right back to being like this. Ditto for correctly reformatting in the browser platform and then opening the code back up in the Windows client. I can't make heads or tails of what ways the formatter might be misinterpreting the code to create this behavior, as some of the indentations are composed of tabs, some of spaces. And when I hit enter to start a new line, the indentation is likewise way too large.

The only other thing I can think to note is that in toying with the settings, I installed a new font, and the problem definitely started after that, though I don't think immediately after. And I doubt that's relevant. I'd be willing to reinstall, or switch back to default settings if I could figure out how to do that, but I'm not sure how to keep this from happening again.
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Erik Lindén

Allow underscore '_' in the Application ID for Android

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HsiaoMing Yang

uncaught syntaxerror: failed to execute 'setrequestheader' on 'xmlhttprequest': '{"city":"西安","area":"高新区","name":{"$regex":".*西安.*","$options":"i"}}' is not a valid http header field value.

Does BackService's filter not support Chinese?
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Shai Levy

Provide a separate pricing model for AppFeedback

I was checking the pricing for App Feedback and I was shocked to see in that a yearly price will 468$ .. I understand that the price is because it includes many other features but I only need the feedback feature and for that the price is unreasonable.
Or at least offer some kind of free usage tier for those who but the UI for Andoid (iOS) product

Please correct me if I misunderstood the pricing.
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Shoaib Sam Mian

app feedback: allow mobile tester to add text annotation in addition to the red circle.

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Shoaib Sam Mian

App Feedback: On Mobile Device, allow user to re-open an issue if they determined it is not fixed.

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Shoaib Sam Mian

app feedback: add a new status "closed" to reflect if tester verified that an issue was "resolved"

Similar to JIRA, there should a "closed" status to mark if an issue is verified and the reporter can close it.
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Eric O

External database

I have developed an application for cross platform. can I access a third party database from the TelerickPlatform application ? Please advise me anyone thanks
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